6 Top Ways Boxing Can Change Your Life!

With the recent Mayweather vs McGregor bout, there has been a massive surge of public interest in the sport of boxing. The two warriors have inspired masses to take up the sport, but many don’t know the benefits or the cost of successful participation. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the sport of boxing, how it benefits you on both physical and mental levels, and how those benefits can easily transpose into other areas of your life -so without further ado, ladies and gentlemen…it’s time to introduce 6 Top Ways Boxing Can Change Your Life!

1. Tones your entire body
Boxing is a full body workout. Skipping around the ring requires coordination, cardiovascular and calf muscle endurance. Slipping punches requires balance and proper anaerobic conditioning. Repeatedly and properly throwing powerful punches builds your explosiveness, core strength, shoulder girdle and sinews and endurance as well as overall conditioning.

2. Cardiovascular 
Boxing itself aside, just training “as if” you were a boxer can bring a huge amount of benefit. Running, skipping rope, circuit work, or HIIT are all useful forms of cardio when it comes to this sport. Cardiovascular training decreases the risk of heart disease and improves your body composition simultaneously.

3. Improves social life
With the explosion of boxing interest at large, many unique individuals will be showing up to boxing gyms to hone their KO power, sharpen their skills and become fitter. Boxing is a very simple answer for people who wish to improve their social life as well as their fitness level. Training and sparring with others, going to tournaments and attending matches together can altogether help you build powerful bonds with others.

4. Improves mental sharpness
As boxers have to get a proper amount of sleep, eat healthily and regularly engage in cardiovascular activity, the benefits of doing this will certainly carry over into other parts of your life. Your mind will be keener, sharper as a result of fueling your body properly. This in turn constructively affects other areas of life, such as work or school.

5. Boosts confidence
Conditioning the body for boxing is one thing, but actually doing it is a completely different ball game. When you step in the ring with another person who could potentially kick your butt, you know things will get a tad bit more serious. Challenges like this, compounded over time lead to increased self-esteem. As you win fights, your confidence spikes. As in all sports, however, there will be points where you experience loss. These moments are where you’ll learn patience with yourself whilst often digging a little deeper, holding to your confidence in the face of adversity.

6. Encourages a healthy lifestyle
Boxers must be mindful of what they put in their bodies in order to meet optimal energy and weight requirements. The lifestyle choices you make regarding how much rest you need, what (and how much) you eat, and what type of activities you engage in could potentially be designed to revolve around your training, resulting all-round in a much healthier lifestyle.

Of course, boxing training will get you the powerful, ripped body you want, but there’s so much more value to be extracted from this sport. An unshakeable confidence, a sharper mind, and an improved social life are awaiting you inside the kernel of your own decision and the nearest boxing gym. “GREATNESS IS WITHIN” -EVERLAST. So give boxing training a try and KO your way into a challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding way of life. Already boxing? Tell us about it below or@KeepfitKingdom !

Bryan Richardson

Inspired by his early life adversities and the desire to help others, Bryan who currently serves in the US Forces aspires to become a Light Heavyweight boxing champion and start a gym that specialises in conscious human development. Bryan likes researching useful info and insights that can be applied to his and others' lives. When he's not feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he's found either in the boxing ring, on the dance floor, or busy downing some Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food"!

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