FOOD, CAN BE GLORIOUS FOOD especially when a little thought and wisdom goes into your diet choices and what you allow into your mouth! YES it’s a choice! 

We love the fact that you can select a diet and eat foods that make you feel and operate to the highest level that your body and mind is capable of. Get your food habits right (we recommend 75% plant-based and wholefoods) then you can expect to enjoy rugged, energetic health and a long life free of disease and complications that come with consuming processed foods and taking unnecessary medicines – try it for 6 months and see for yourself!

Korean Diet: 3 Foods that Keep You Looking Young!

Korean foods are trending greatly at the moment. As the values and standards of beauty become more demanding and important nowadays, the pursuit of eternal youth is increasing dramatically. Countless people have explored diverse methods and treatments, such as using skincare products, visiting ...

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