Top 5 Benefits of CrossFit!

CrossFit as you may well know, is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry, with participation levels on the increase thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. CrossFit involves the use of your body as the resistance itself in training, resulting in varied exercises at high intensity with results reflective of a ‘Strength and Conditioning’ regimen. Crossfit brings together a varied set of training programs, making it an extremely useful way to get fit and stay in shape, resulting in an accessible form of exercise for everyone. Want to know why you should try it? Read on for our Top 5 Benefits of CrossFit to find out!

1. Time efficient
Many people find it extremely difficult to include exercise within their daily or weekly routine. At best, timewise many can only afford doing something similar to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) yet CrossFit is extremely time efficient with routines only lasting up to 30 minutes. These short sessions provide great opportunities for those with busy lifestyles.

2. Variation
The idea of CrossFit is to change workouts whilst keeping up the intensity, it’s because of this that CrossFit workouts cover a vast array of fitness domains, such as strength, stamina, speed, power and balance. Combining all these elements into a workout routine results in a perfect system to get you fit fast and effectively whilst also keeping interest levels high -this is due to the element of constant change throughout your session.

3. Lose weight -fast
Whilst many ‘get fit’ systems claim to help you lose weight fast, the effectiveness of CrossFit is without question. Its varied combination of disciplines with inclusive high-intensity exercises mean you’ll actually burn more fat in less time compared to those prolonged cardiovascular, often monotonous workouts!

4. Universality
For many, the prospect of having to show up at the gym is daunting. Fear not however, because one of the best advantages of CrossFit, is that absolutely anyone can do it! You go at your own pace at a level of intensity that you can hack as you work toward your goal. Whilst it might sound scary if you’re not used to motivating yourself, the fact that each session requires that you set your own intensity means anyone can enjoy it whilst gaining results everyone will notice.

5. Motivation
The key to success is to have a mindset that persistently strives to attain the goals you want to achieve. In order to do this motivation is essential and CrossFit offers that motivational, compelling edge that might be missing from most forms of exercises; variety + intensity = a fun challenge, no two sessions are exactly the same and no longer will you be cheating reps! Instead, you’ll be revved up and interested in giving your maximum for just this short sliver of time. This provides great momentum as you know exactly what you’re going to get out of your session, how you’re going to feel afterwards and how great you’re going to look in the next few months!

Ensuring exercise is accessible to you is fundamental to health. CrossFit provides a fantastic entry point for you to get involved with exercise, no matter what your shape and size. With varied, sessions exploring multiple fitness areas, such as strength and speed, being bored whilst CrossFitting is extremely unlikely. Each round of CrossFit brings about a competitive-with-yourself edge to improve performance at every training session. How has CrossFit helped you? Let us know below or @KeepfitKingdom !

Daniel Bardell

Daniel holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences and has a huge passion for nutrition and personal fitness. With aspirations of making the public healthier and fitter, he believes strongly in setting goals and living life to the fullest. Having overcome his own weight problems, he now aims to inspire those of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in good food and fitness!

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