Top 5 Benefits of Kundalini Yoga!

Something a bit different this week, as we at Keep Fit Kingdom are trying out Kundalini yoga. What is this, you ask, and how is it different to ordinary kinds of yoga exercises? Well, Kundalini refers more to inbound meditation and the awakening of your mind rather than merely physical stretches. Its practice will help you remain calm, grounded, connected to your source, improve your physical health as well as internal organs. Period of prolonged stillness are a mainstay within Kundalini yoga, in order to awaken a greater sense of ‘self’. It is broken down into ‘kriyas’, which are cleansing techniques that are used to elevate the states of your mind and heart. It also focuses on the seven chakras, dynamic energy centres which form the basis of your being – and some say, hold the key to the secrets of life and the universe -wow! Think it’s a bit ‘out there’? Perhaps, so let’s find out more with these Top 5 Benefits of Kundalini Yoga!

1. Helps to build inner confidence
A large part of this practice is reciting ‘mantras’, which involves repeating a chant of your choice over and over again, until it is internalised within your mind. This builds an unshakable inner confidence and self-awareness; repetition allows you to gain constant reassurance that everything is and will always be fine!

2. Can help to break nasty habits
Want to break a bad habit? The ‘Advanced Abdominal Strengthening Kriya’, consisting of thirteen poses, is said to activate your third (solar plexus or Manipura) Chakra. This is stated to be your energy centre, where most of your willpower and strength lives, meaning that activating it will give you a better chance of being strong enough to break your bad habit.

3. Detoxifying superpowers
Have you ever over-indulged at a birthday party or at Christmas? We’ve all been there. But, sometime after the seventeenth roast potato, you have to draw the line, and that is where the detoxifying kriyas come in handy. This set of eight poses is not only energising but also helps you rid your body of toxins. It helps to purify your digestive system and balances your lymphatic system.

4. A more flexible spine
As so much of the Kundalini practices focus on spinal twists, regular yoga of this kind means that, eventually, your spine will be a lot more flexible. Flexes, stretches, twists and arches will leave you feeling like Elastigirl.

5. An improved memory
Finally, one of the most exciting kriyas in Kundalini yoga is the Kirtan Kriya (aka the Memory Kriya), which is so effective that it’s even recommended for Alzheimer’s patients. It is a particularly easy and laid-back meditation as well and simply involves sitting with a straight back in a chair or on the floor.

As someone that is fairly new to the concept of Kundalini yoga, it was extremely interesting to research, as it became clear almost immediately that the benefits on offer are vast. They range from being general, promoting overall wellbeing to being very specific, such as helping to oust a chronically bad habit or destructive thought pattern (ie. smoking, alcoholism, fear, depression), meaning that there will definitely be something within this practice to help everyone. Do you practice Kundalini yoga? Share your experiences with us below or @ KeepfitKingdom !

Georgie Clark

Georgie is a 21 year old English Language and Creative Writing graduate from Preston aspiring towards a career in journalism. She's a keen yogi and bendy enough that she might even give Elastigirl from "The Incredibles" a run for her money! She swims a lot and eats as much vegan food as possible (she loves vegan cheese)!

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  1. There are different types of yoga. I would say you should choose a yoga that is most suitable to your aims, and perhaps level of flexibility?

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