91-Day Peak Physique — by Frank Zane

Title: 91 Day Peak Physique
Author: Frank Zane
Year: 2023
Publisher: Zananda Incorporated


If you’re a regular reader of Keep Fit Kingdom you may have seen our reviews of 91 Day Wonder Abs and 91 Day Wonder Body, both written by the world-famous, 3 x Mr Olympia champion bodybuilder Frank Zane. Another book in the 91 Day series is the 91 Day Peak Physique programme. A continuation of Wonder Body, it is designed to improve your body even further and bring you top notch results.

13-Weeks and 3 Sections: Growth, Let’s Grow, and the Zane Experience

The 13-week programme is split into three main sections which Frank has named “Growth”, “Let’s Grow”, and “Zane Experience”. By completing the entire programme, you will attain “the best shape of your life,” says Frank. With the guidance of a three time Mr. Olympia winner, who could possibly argue with that?

Before commencing “Growth” it is recommended that you take photos of yourself in relaxed poses (eg. side relaxed) and mandatory competition poses (eg. front double biceps ). This way you’ll be able to monitor your progress and compare these photographs to the ones you take later in the programme. A particularly useful tip from Frank is to print off individual 3″ x 4″ photos of your poses to keep track.

This first part of the training programme is 28 days long. A wide range of compound and isolation exercises are used, mainly free weight variations and a good selection of machine and cable variations. A straightforward three way split system is used, training pushing muscles the first day, pulling the next, then lower body muscles on the third day.

Frank’s Diet Recommendations to Sustain Your Energy Levels

Typically, three sets of each exercise are performed with weight increases after each successive set. Like in the 91 Day Wonder Body programme, Frank gives daily diet recommendations to sustain your energy levels and boost your muscle growth.

The fifth week of the Peak Physique programme is when the “Let’s grow” routines begin. It’s still a three way split but the training structure changes; for example, on day one you’ll train back, rear and side delts, and triceps.

Each workout has approximately 8-10 exercises and the abs are trained in every session. There’s extra focus on the mental aspects of training and methods like mantras and visualisation are utilised to improve your focus and mindset.

All Your Muscles will be Challenged

On day 57, you switch over to the “Zane Experience” which is the third and final part of Peak Physique. There’s no time to slacken off as you step closer to reaching your goal and the training routines stay challenging for all of your muscles.

Here, you will train 3 days in a row, beginning with the torso, then legs, and arms on day three. A nice touch in this section of the programme is the AM and PM splits on arm day; right arm in the morning, left in the evening.

Frank Gives Excellent Advice on Posing

Throughout the book there is lots of information about posing. Frank Zane gives some excellent advice on perfecting your bodybuilding poses and shares strategies and techniques for posing in competitions.

Guidelines on foot position, transitioning from pose to pose, and music choices for posing will improve your skills considerably. It’s essential that you put this all into practice regularly and there are numerous opportunities to practise all of this throughout the 13 weeks.

Frank Includes lots of Great Photos

One of my favourite features of the ebook is the collection of photos displayed in many of its pages. There’s no shortage of photographs of this Golden Era legend to inspire you on your muscle building journey.

You’ll see dozens of shots of Zane’s poses that show off his near perfect physique and display the aesthetic body that so many bodybuilding fans admire. Some of my favourite pictures were ones of him with other bodybuilding superstars like Arnold, Sergio, Larry Scott and Bill Pearl. Simply awesome!


Being a bodybuilder is about constantly striving to perfect your physique. Frank Zane’s 91 Day Peak Physique programme will give you the knowledge to take your physical development to a much higher level.

There’s no overcomplicated workout structures or scientific jargon – it’s very much about plain hard work and paying attention to detail. And with over 60 exercises to use there is plenty of variation to keep any bodybuilder motivated and deeply satisfied.

Favourite Quote:

“Just remember, win or lose, someone is always watching you. Stay confident looking and be gracious.”

Favourite Exercises:

  • Wide grip deadlift from knees up
  • Barbell reverse curl superset with barbell wrist curl

Book Rating: 9/10

Alan Riseborough

Alan is a strength and physique enthusiast and has 28 years' of training experience behind him. He has competed in powerlifting, arm wrestling, bodybuilding and grip strength competitions. He also includes rigorous bodyweight, sprinting and kettlebell training regularly in his routines. He believes in the transformative power of the squat which is (believe it or not) his favourite exercise!

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