TRX: 5 Quick Tabata Exercises to Improve Your Strength

TRX is the acronym for Total Resistance Exercises and refers to suspension training that develops strength, resistance and balance with the aid of a suspension straps tool. It is a small, easy-to-carry and store tool that has innumerable benefits, such as improving stability and mobility, whilst allowing you to build lean muscle and functional strength. Want to make great use of TRX? Then read on for TRX: 5 Quick Tabata Exercises to Improve Your Strength!

There is a wide range of exercises that can be done with the TRX straps and the fact that you only need somewhere to attach them, makes this type of training a perfect replacement to your normal gym session, and a perfect travel buddy. Full body Tabata workouts consist of 8 rounds x 20 seconds of constant movement with 10 seconds rest. It’s a very easy yet very efficient type of HIIT workout. There are a lot of Tabata timer apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone to make this quick workout even more efficient.

1. Chest Press

Position yourself in a plank position holding the TRX with your hands making sure your arms are directly below your shoulders. Keeping your core tight and making sure your back stays straight bend your elbows until your chest is in line with your hands. Push up to straighten your arms and repeat.

2. Inverted Row

Lie under the TRX with your knees bent. Grab the TRX handles and lift your body keeping your arms fully extended and your core tight, making sure your back is straight and your knees are at a 90° angle. Pull your body up bending your elbows, then slowly release back and repeat the movement.

3. Plank to Pike

Position yourself in a plank position with your feet locked into the TRX straps. Slowly pull your body up keeping your legs straight until your lower back is in line with your head. Gently come back to a plank position and repeat the movement.

4. Glute Bridge

Lie on your back with the back of your feet in the TRX straps and your knees bent at a 90° angle. Slowly lift your back from the floor keeping your back straight and focusing on working your glute muscles. Slowly come back to the starting position and repeat.

5. Mountain Climber

Position yourself in a plank position with your feet in the TRX straps. Making sure your back stays straight, bring your right leg to your chest while keeping the left straight, then swap legs and keep repeating and alternating the movement.

If you find these Tabata moves rather challenging as given at this stage, you can always reduce the intensity by doing each movement 10 to 15 times (or take a bit more time, 25 to 30 seconds) eg. for mountain climbers you can still do 3 rounds, but rest a bit longer, 60 to 90 seconds between rounds.

Bodyweight exercises do take some getting used to but they are the best, hassle-free, equipment-less way to improve strength and make your workout more functional to benefit your everyday life. Using the TRX for these types of workouts can be a lot more challenging, varied and fun than you think! 

Do you use TRX or suspension training regularly? Which exercises work best for you?  Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! Check out these other exercise articles on Kettlebells, CrossFit and Home Workouts to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!

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