5 Great Tabata Exercises You Should Do in 2019!

Tabata training was first invented in 1996 by Dr. Izumi Tabata, in Tokyo Japan, after his research concluded that shorter intervals of high intensity training were more beneficial than training for sixty minutes at a moderate pace. However it can be used for other fitness goals as well including increasing muscular endurance and injury prevention. Tabata consists of completing eight rounds of exercises, working for 20 seconds then resting for 10 seconds. Here we will take you through five great Tabata exercises. These exercises can be used for different training aims and goals depending on what you want to achieve. Let’s get into 5 Great Tabata Exercises You Should Do in 2019!

1. Frog Squats

These are really easy and simple – an exercise that can be done by those of all fitness levels. To improve conditioning and overall fitness they can be done at a high intensity with little risk of injury due to the low impact nature of the movement. Frog Squats can also be incorporated as part of a rehabilitative routine. If they are completed at a slow tempo they can be of great benefit to knee, quadriceps (thigh) and connective tissue health.

2. Hindu Push-Ups

These push-ups are slightly more advanced as they require shoulder and chest strength. They may need some practice to totally master the technique as they force you to fully focus on the movement and control your body far more than a traditional push-up. They are great for muscular endurance as well as improving your coordination and body-weight control.

3. Kick Sits

After a little practice, kick sits are pretty easy to advance in, so can be done by everyone. They can also be completed at high intensity making them great for overall conditioning as well as muscular endurance. Kit sits are simple, effective and will give your legs a seriously scorching burn!

4. Side Squat (Cossack Squats)

The side squat is an excellent, simple exercise that offers a range of benefits. The movement helps restore and improve flexibility in your knees, hips and ankles – areas many people struggle with. It also improves strength in the smaller muscle groups of your leg which may tend to get overlooked. Overall this is a very important exercise for improving overall joint health as well as muscular contraction force.

5. Rock Presses

A highly useful exercise to improve shoulder strength and stability. Due to its simplicity it can also be done at a higher intensity to improve your overall conditioning and endurance. It is also a much safer exercise than traditional barbell pressing making it suitable for those of all abilities and experience levels.

Implementing the Tabata method and movements into your training brings a wide range of advantages that can easily be tailored to your specific aims – here we have provided you with just a few ideas. Tabata training is accessible to everyone and will prove especially helpful to those with limited time to train. Most exercises do not require equipment and little space so they can in fact be performed anywhere – making Tabata awareness and training an excellent, ultra-portable system if you cannot get to a gym. 2019 is the year for new, improved and simplified ways to train your body, anytime, anywhere, gym or no gym – you deserve it! So start implementing Tabata exercises to cover at least some of your health, fitness, functionality, heightened flexibility and mobility goals!

Into Tabata? What exercises have helped you the most so far and what physical changes have you noticed? Meantime, if you’re looking to achieve a flat stomach check out the Flat Belly Fix and let us know how our team can help you in the comments below, or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

David Challis

David, a student at the University of Exeter, is primarily interested in functional fitness coupled with the benefits of weightlifting. Having used a variety of these methods to train for rugby and recover from various injuries, David believes that implementing a combination of different training styles unlocks the door to successful, sustainable as well as exciting training!

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