Can Chocolate be Healthy? Here are 5 Ways it Can Be!

Ahhh chocolate, the ultimate guilty pleasure! Ice-cream, cake or bar, we love it in any form. Made from roasted cocoa beans, it’s tempered and moulded to achieve the taste we all adore. Yet there is one step in that process which gives du chocolat its ultimate downfall – the addition of tons of sugar and sometimes even dairy. But there is still good news! Chocolate in itself isn’t bad for us, if we know which ones to choose. READY to get smart about chocolate? Then read on for Can Chocolate be Healthy? Here are 5 Ways it Can Be!

1. The Darker, the Better!

Darker chocolate is the least processed. Its nutrients aren’t stripped in favour of additives such as sugar and guess what? It’s good for us! Cocoa beans are one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. It can lower the risk of heart disease and overall add robustness to your health.

2. Be Smart & Look at the Percentages

Chocolate comes in many strengths, you’ll see it written as cocoa content divided by percentages. The figure signifies the total weight of the bar which comes from ground cocoa beans. Build up your endurance to the dark type, start at 65% and try to get to 95%.

3. Clear Skin

We all know that processed sweets give us breakouts, but they just taste so good…Well, research shows that the bioactive compounds in the dark variety can protect our skin from sun damage and improve skin hydration. Hello, dark chocolate ice-cream on the beach!

4. You Can Still Have Fun with Bitter Chocolate!

SO that’s great, dark chocolate is good for you but you just can’t get over the taste? We know it’s not for everybody. Yet there are choices, you don’t have to suffer plain, boring chocolate. Have fun and try it with orange extract, almonds or dried strawberries. There are loads of variations and as the base is better for you it’s still a healthier choice than the sweet milk types and we’re sure you’ll soon hit on the one you love (tell us about it below)!

5. Chocolate = HAPPINESS

When we crave chocolate and allow ourselves to indulge we get a release of endorphins. It’s basically the scientific term for happy vibes and who wouldn’t want that? We all deserve a treat from time to time…or even every day – tastes even better if you’re celebrating daily progress of some sort.

So next time you’re at the supermarket, aim to make the smart choice and grab a bar or two of some semi-sweet or dark chocolate. A cube or two after dinner might just make your life that much more enhanced and dare we say…healthier? We hope you enjoyed this article and say tuned for more surprising revelations about your favourite snacks!

Love chocolate? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t! So what’s your fave brand or product and how do you like to have your darker chocolate indulgences: With milk? With Netflix? With a good book? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram and also do keep moving so you can Keep YOUR Fit ON

Paulina Utnik

Paulina is a BA Journalism student from London with a passion for considerate consumption, practising mindfulness and alternative wellness. She has a passion for food and has been a dedicated vegetarian for four years, beginning her journey as a sixteen-year-old. Since then, she has been learning about nutrition and her body and gradually evolving as a cook. She enjoys trying out new food trends, recreating popular restaurant dishes at home and meat substitutes as well as discovering ways to share her passion with others through her Instagram page: @paulina.utnik!

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