10 At Home Exercises that Equal a Tough Gym Session!

Who’s a sweaty boy (or girl) then? Well, gyms in the UK don’t look poised to open any time soon, so finding effective ways to work out from home has become a serious business – one which has no doubt lined the pockets of fitness influencers the world over. But if all you’re after is an intense, challenging workout from home, there’s no need to splash out on an expensive plan or obscure equipment.


Here’s a compilation of the most effective at home exercises that allow you to safely push yourself and get that satisfying feeling of post-workout exhaustion only usually gotten from the gym. So, without further ado, read on for 10 At Home Exercises that Equal a Tough Gym Session!

1. Pistol Squats

If you can perform them, pistol squats should be a go-to on leg days. For those of us used to moving hundreds of pounds of weight with our legs in the gym, pistol squats are the closest bodyweight substitute. To maintain good form, try alternating legs as you perform a set of 8-10.

2. Burpees

Your least favourite gym class warmup is back – and it wants a second chance! Paired with pounding music and a more flattering outfit than your school’s gym kit, burpees are just perfect for interval training.

3. Dumbbell Clean & Push Jerk

If you’re missing your Olympic lifts, high-rep sets of this dumbbell alternative should hit the spot. Combining a squat motion with an overhead push develops practical core strength that you can’t achieve with static holds or limited range-of-motion exercises like the plank or crunches. Plus, you’ll be cramming in work for your quads, glutes and delts into every rep too!

4. Platform Jumps

As self-explanatory as it sounds, find yourself a sturdy platform like a curb or a step, squat down and jump onto it as many times as you can handle. If you can do more than 50 in a row you deserve a medal.

5. Side-Plank Starfish Pose

I swear every time I try this exercise I feel engagement in another muscle I never knew I had. Add these to your repertoire as an efficient warmup or a killer finisher.

6. Turkish Get-Ups

There’s something terrifying yet motivating about performing a weird, floor-based movement with a kettlebell dangling precariously above your face. Provided you don’t drop the weight mid-flow, this unique functional exercise can add some enlivening variety to an otherwise familiar workout routine.

7. Push-Up Trio

Push-ups are a bread-and-butter home workout exercise, but they can be spiced-up to maximise muscle fatigue.
Try these variations back-to-back:

  • Feet-elevated pushups (feet on bench/step)
  • Normal pushups
  • Incline pushups (hands on bench/step)

With each phase a little easier than the last, you’ll be able to crank out more reps whilst your muscles are still engaged.

8. Mini-band Hovering Squats

Thought wall-sits were hard? Well, let’s take away the wall – AND add some resistance!
Pop a mini-band around your thighs, squat down and stay put for as long as your quads will permit. Comment below if you can do over 30 seconds!

9. Plank-athon

You saw this one coming. Unless you’re in the minority of gym-goers who actively enjoy staring at the floor whilst trying to ignore your burning abdomen, now could be the time to welcome the plank into your house and routine. Try and add 10 seconds to your hold each day.

Top Tip: Watch a music video to keep your mind busy – just not a funny one, don’t let laughter ruin your form.

10. Dancing in Your Kitchen…

Granted, I don’t know who’s reading this. If you’re a middle-aged father of three living in a small flat with a pet chihuahua that’s scared of sudden movements, this may not be the workout for you. But if you have the facilities, whack on some tunes, dig out your dancing shoes and imagine you’re at the club. Only our gains can judge us (and our terrible, terrible dancing).

Now That’s What I Call A Home Workout! Why not give these ‘at home’ exercises a try? We hope you find them a satisfying challenge. Interested in creating your own home gym, read more here! Let us know what at home workouts you’re doing in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram

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