Top 5 Health Benefits of Magnesium!

Lack of magnesium has become one of the main nutrient deficiency concerns present in adults today, so it’s surprising this mineral is so commonly overlooked as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In recent times a vast amount of research has been done around the benefits of incorporating magnesium into a daily supplementation routine, with hugely positive results. Athletes and fitness fanatics have jumped on the wave of rising popularity in supplementing with magnesium, reaping its many benefits, intrigued? So were we! read on to learn about the Top 5 Health Benefits of Magnesium!

1. Muscle repair
One of the sure signs of a magnesium deficiency is muscle ache, spasm or cramp. Magnesium helps the muscles in the body contract enabling them to relax, this prevents spasm and allows you to move about without soreness or pain. The spasms associated with a lack of magnesium in the body have also been linked to heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes.

 2. Boosts energy
Magnesium assists in converting food into energy. Its ions attach themselves to the molecule adenosine triphosphate, (ATP) which is the main source of energy transfer in cells. ATP needs the magnesium to control and regulate converted energy, preventing dips and spikes in your activity levels.

3. Calms anxiety
When a low percentage of magnesium is found in the body, it can be directly linked to high levels of anxiety. This is because magnesium controls the activity of the three endocrine glands which influence our reaction to stress. Magnesium deficiency also changes the stands of bacteria present in the digestive system, which can affect the way we behave under pressure. Balanced levels of magnesium will reduce anxiety flare ups in stressful situations.

4. Migraine relief
Magnesium is not only important in the function of neurotransmitters in the brain, but also assists in the process of blood flow and circulation. Magnesium can ease severe headaches such as migraines, by stopping the blood vessels contracting. This in turn prevents your blood pressure from rising and also allows your body to produce hormones which are sent to decrease pain.

5. Strong bones
Magnesium is vital for the formation of a strong skeletal system. It helps bring calcium to the bones which in turn builds up superior bone density. Adequate magnesium intake can prevent and even assist in reversing the symptoms of osteoporosis in women.

Magnesium is found in a vast variety of foods such as leafy greens, brown rice, nuts, seeds and even dark chocolate! It is possible to get all your magnesium from a healthy, varied diet, however if you choose to supplement with magnesium it is recommended that you take a daily dose of 400mg or less. Topically applied magnesium oil (for joints and muscle pain) is also becoming tremendously popular -why you might ask? Because it works, often within a minute or two! Got experience using magnesium, tell us below or @KeepfitKingdom !

Sophie Khan

Sophie is freelance writer with a passion for educating people on the mental and physical benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. She follows a whole food, plant-based diet and loves to spend her spare time cooking up new, healthy vegan recipes for her family and friends. Sophie enjoys all aspects of exercise and fitness and incorporates regular weight training and cardio into her everyday lifestyle too.

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