Top 5 Benefits of HIIT!

Ever felt like you’re not getting the best out of your long 60-minute run? Or simply don’t have the time to do it? HIIT training or High-Intensity Interval Training involves the use of short cardiovascular intervals switching between high-intensity periods with low intense periods. The aim of this training modality is to build up your fitness quickly and effectively. With compact workouts taking only between 20-30 minutes -these intense sessions are extremely effective for just about every type of athlete. OK, so let’s HIIT it with these Top 5 Benefits of HIIT!

1. Weight loss
Studies show that from 15 minutes of HIIT training, you can burn more calories than traditional training protocols such as jogging. This is due to the intensity of the exercise requiring quicker adaptations to cardiovascular function. This means it’s perfect for those trying to lose weight compared to a demanding, steady-state exercise such as running alone, which often involve long periods at a high-intensity threshold.

2. Disease prevention
HIIT training has been shown to decrease the onset of cardiovascular disease when compared to that of moderate intensity exercises. This is due to its ability to improve your VO2 Max  (maximum oxygen volume) as well as aid in the reduction of blood pressure. These health benefits would not only help prevent cardiovascular diseases but also potentially reverse the effects of some existing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

3. Economical use of your time
The demands of working, family life and then fitting your training in can be rather daunting. With HIIT training, one of the most beneficial elements is being able to neatly and conveniently slot it into any busy schedule, with training only required for a short amount of time; with each session lasting on average 15-30 minutes. The varied training also decreases your chances of boredom!

4. Builds endurance
For those of you running endurance-related events, it’s always good to mix up your training. Incorporating HIIT training into your exercise program has been shown to improve endurance levels. When compared to continued endurance exercise, improves levels of cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal muscle function in the body. Including HIIT as part of your exercise plan will allow you to effectively and efficiently achieve results in a shorter period of time.

5. Cost efficient
There’s no need to buy expensive equipment as all training work done, is done against your own body weight, meaning sprints, jumping jacks, and high knees can all be integrated into your HIIT training program.

Working out can sometimes be inconvenient and difficult to fit into your schedule. With work, family and social life taking precedence over most things, making compact HIIT’s your training method of choice (as and when needed) not only provides adequate physical stimulation but also gives you the extra fuel of motivation as you can see results extremely quickly. You can design, chop and change your workout to match the goals you wish to achieve. What do you think would be your perfect HIIT routine? Tell us yours if you already do HIIT below or @KeepfitKingdom !

Daniel Bardell

Daniel holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences and has a huge passion for nutrition and personal fitness. With aspirations of making the public healthier and fitter, he believes strongly in setting goals and living life to the fullest. Having overcome his own weight problems, he now aims to inspire those of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in good food and fitness!

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