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We all know that balanced nutrition is the way forward when aiming to optimize your energy levels, boosting performance and achieving your goals, so when we create our ‘perfect meal’ (specific to each person based on their needs), not only should it be bursting with flavour and nutrients but also easy on the digestive system too. If you’re a carb lover and dream of ‘piles of pasta’ whilst getting your daily beauty sleep yet often ‘carb-conscious’ in terms of carbohydrate grams per 100 grams (bla bla bla…) or find the wheat versions difficult to digest, then Orwell should work for you as they’ve developed a good selection of pasta to cater to every spaghetti fan’s wildest nutritional desires! Read on for our review of Orwell Health: Organic, Vegan Soybean Pasta…

Orwell was created in 2016 with a true passion and calling for helping others feel nourished whilst enjoying some of their favourite carbohydrate-imitating dinner staples. Once discovering the nutritional wonders of soybeans, Orwell desired to share that information with those who wanted to try a new selection of pasta without the bloat, guilt and allergens. They manage to maintain that desirable pasta texture and flavour whilst simultaneously being packed with vital nutrients.

When you know a product is 100% organic, it shows that they truly care about you and your digestive wellbeing. The soybeans used are grown at the ‘Friendship Farm’ in Russia so a lot of natural love and care goes into your food. The farm is made up of 80,000 acres of fertile land consisting of water pollution-free, fresh, clean air and an area in which crops can thrive and flourish; an ideal environment for soybeans. This method enables the crop to meet the required organic food standards. In the growing process at ‘Friendship Farm,’ all is free from fertilisers, chemicals, pesticides and other artificial nasties. Using soybeans has numerous benefits, some of which include being ‘gluten-free’ and being suitable for coeliacs; making them a suitable alternative to the standard pasta offerings on the market today.


Black soybean pasta – Organic black soybean 100%  (per 100g: 343 calories, 4.3g fat, 42.6g protein).
Green soybean pasta – Organic green soybean 100%  
(per 100g: 345 calories, 5.7g fat, 43.1g protein).
Yellow soybean pasta – 
Organic yellow soybean 100%  (per 100g: 357 calories, 6.7g fat, 41.1g protein).


Although soybeans are not always classed as a male muscle builder’s best friend, they have been linked to higher levels of the female hormone estrogen due to containing isoflavones and phytoestrogens. If they do, it has been found that it only affects the body on a low level.

Soy is a vegetable-based plant protein and is, in fact, a ‘complete’ protein which means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids; which are the building blocks of protein. When a protein is complete, it allows all amino acids to aid in the growth and repair of muscle tissue more rapidly which in turn can help at least maintain muscle mass and even develop it. In addition, soybean has been known to help reduce (LDL ‘bad’) cholesterol in particular which can help guard your heart against disease and it also contains peptides; helping to absorb nutrients which will benefit your gastrointestinal system.

In terms of minerals, Orwell pasta is abundant in both phosphorus, involved in your body’s energy production, cell membranes and bone health, and calcium, which is essential for bone growth and maintenance, hormone secretion etc. Both minerals work together but if the ratio is unbalanced, the body absorbs less of the other mineral, Orwell’s pasta has an optimum blend of the two. In general, the pasta is relatively low in carbohydrates and fat but fortunately high in protein and fibre making it suitable for the majority. Does your stomach or your digestive system ever feel discomfort or perhaps doesn’t flow as smoothly as you’d like it to? Aside from water, you may be lacking in fibre; a nutrient often overlooked yet so effective in aiding the digestive process. Fortunately, Orwell’s soybean pasta is enriched with fibre which will help to keep that tummy of yours trim, slim and happy.

I tried the yellow, green and black pasta versions, each of them being rich in various vitamins and minerals. Black soybean is high in lecithin which helps to regulate the liver, kidney and gallbladder functions, the yellow soybeans are high in iron to maintain your red blood cells thereby improving your energy levels and metabolising protein. Last but not least, the green soybean version is flooded with B vitamins to help release energy from your food while vitamin E aids in the removal of toxins from your body leaving your skin radiantly glowing.

Look, taste and texture:

The package, to begin with, is appealing, an oblong-shaped cut out manifests itself a third of the way down the front of the packet to give consumers a clear view of what they’re purchasing, very smart marketing in my opinion.

After opening one packet, I gladly discovered that each strand of pasta was neatly arranged and lined up with austerity and formed like the soldiers of the Roman army. At this point, there was no smell but I took a hearty handful and threw each strand into the pot of boiling water to allow each one to soften like tasty, edible savoury shoelaces. Once ready to go, I mixed them with a selection of cooked vegetables, cooked egg, chilli and garlic and took my first bite. The smell of the pasta on its own was quite odourless but combined with my spicy combination, the flavours came to life as I found that the pasta absorbed the condiments well. However, impressed was an understatement when it came to the texture as I admit that I was expecting a slightly chewy, rubbery-type experience but the opposite was true; the pasta was smoothly subtle and soft.

Value: Similar to a standard packet of wheat pasta, each box is 200g in weight. The recommended serving of soybean pasta is 50g and I can tell you that once the pasta is heated and brought to the boil, it does expand like a brand-new sponge supplying you with more pasta than you might’ve expected. However, if you followed the 50g suggestion, this would provide you with 4 servings; which is 4 days’ worth that can be added to 1-2 meals per day. Each box of Orwell’s pasta is £3.50, so each serving works out at only 87p; not bad for a higher protein, higher fibre and less refined, less insulin-spiking pasta.

Summary: This is a fine alternative and one that I would encourage you to try. It’s reasonably priced, doesn’t require much cooking time, is very filling, certainly satisfying those hunger pangs as well as keeping the digestive tract happy and healthy, once my supply runs out, I for one know I’ll  be restocking.

If you would like to find out more information or to place an order please visit Orwell Health.
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