Motivation: Top 5 Evan Carmichael YouTube Videos You MUST Watch!   

We all have day jobs, or we are stay-at-home parents and we just don’t have the time to focus on our health. Usually, we do not have the time because we have not made the time or have not realized how important it is to have good health. 

You must find the motivation to get into the gym and stick to a diet because your longevity depends on it and your loved ones are depending on you. Want to know how to stay motivated at work, home, or at the gym? Then continue on for Motivation: Top 5 Evan Carmichael YouTube Videos You MUST Watch!   

1. POWERFUL Ways to Reprogram Your Mind for Success: Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins decides that she will attempt to reach a vast audience of people and teach them about the power of programming the mind. Successful people think alike because they have all figured out that the way you think is the way you will end up. 

She believes in the power of saying “do it anyway.” It is a mind trick that fights off thoughts of laziness and excuses. She teaches people to focus themselves by using the reticular activating system (RAS) and the brain to eliminate irrelevant information and focus on what matters most. 

Mel Robbins explains the power of following her energy. Following one’s energy can teach people to fight anxiety and improve their lives by blocking out bad people and only allowing in positive energy. Mastering visualization also allows people to easily encode what they do as a real memory because it is a real and valid experience. One can become an expert through visualization, but real-life experience is much different and has no surrogate.  

She also teaches people the following: 

  • Be responsible for yourself 
  • Don’t complain
  • Do it anyway 
  • Do what makes you happy 
  • Learn to deal with negativity 
  • Resolve your inner conflicts 
  • Have a good morning routine 

2. 30 Minutes for the Next 50 YEARS of Your Life: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey does not fail to deliver quality to her audience. She is great at motivating people and relating to them on a human level because she has so much wisdom from her lived experiences. Oprah speaks about being the master of her own fate and how those words mean something different the more she evolves as a human being. 

While being the master of her own fate, she has developed the responsible mindset to know that all her actions have a reaction, and that karma will come back around to correspond with what was put out into the world. 

Finding her calling had been a struggle and she understands the importance of having a purpose and seeking to find your true self. She has the most success when she is in tune with her inner self because she has always had the intuition to know what was right for her own life and what would hold her back. 

One of the ways she has become successful is by dreaming big. She did not settle for a small dream of having a job and making it out of poverty into a middle-class neighborhood, she dreamt of the highest possible point she could reach in her life and even further. 

Oprah has a personality that serves her soul. She is authentic and allows her soul to guide her decision making. When you are connected to your spiritual self, then God will allow you to flourish. 

The video then elaborates on telling her audience to live their dream. She is and has always been a dreamer, but she worked hard to realize everything she has, and she has manifested her dreams into reality.  

3. Learn How to Deal with Trauma and Serve the Universe: Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein does not shy away from being vulnerable and telling her story of trauma, addiction, and therapy. She gives wonderful insights each time she speaks. 

In the video above she states that the feelings that make you more uncomfortable than anything else may reveal what we must heal. It takes courage to explore how our discomfort may reveal something deeper beneath the surface. 

How we respond when we’re feeling a certain way is the first step to recovery. She would love to create a relationship with the various parts of herself including what she disliked the most in the past. Her evolution from being a drug addict to an author and guest speaker is inspirational. 

It is okay to help others, but we must protect our own energy, or we will suffer. She believes that she has completely recovered from her trauma and wants others to believe the same. Among other insights she offered, Gabby explains that taking responsibility for her energy is important because it has a ripple thus multiple effect. 

4. How to Stay CALM in Stressful Situations: Evan Carmichael / Various

Various people are included in this YouTube video about remaining calm in stressful situations. The first speaker is the YouTube legend himself, Evan Carmichael, and he believes that having a schedule is important because it protects you from the stress of surprises. 

When people are not prepared, they are caught off guard and it takes a massive mental toll. The next guest explains that people should move their bodies to release stress and feel better when presented with a stressful situation. 

When we move our bodies by exercising whether at home, in the park, or at the gym, we oxygenate our bodies and improve our neurophysiological health. The next guest believes that we should block out stress from entering our lives. Everyone must learn to evolve from stress and find ways that work best for them to manage stress and then avoid it altogether. 

Most stress is a result of what we perceive as an approaching deadline, so we are always in a rush. If we learn to take life one day at a time and remain disciplined, then we can avoid stress. Another guest believes we should better ourselves. According to him, we must “stand guard at the door of our mind and feed it something good.” Secondly, he believes that strengthening the body allows you to work in unison with the mind. 

Third, he suggests that we must find a mission bigger than ourselves because it gives us a bigger field of play in which to invest – a purpose. He also mentions finding a role model and realizing that there is always someone worse off than us no matter what we are experiencing. 

The last guest speaker is one who loves to put things into perspective. What he means by this is prioritizing and putting family before money and money before some pleasures.  

5. STOP Saying Things that Make You WEAK: Jordan B. Peterson

There is often an internal struggle that we have within our minds and the conversation inside becomes complex and after we go back and forth every day, we learn that we are more than the scars on the outside and more than our outer appearances. We are what we want to be, and we should not judge ourselves because it will prevent us from evolving and experiencing higher consciousness. 

Jordan B. Peterson has had the same struggles as most of us, and he has developed a way to survive his own mind. In this YouTube video, he focuses on self-improvement. Becoming conscious and developing self-awareness and then prioritizing life is at the top of his list. 

By clarifying what his thoughts mean, he can prevent them from holding him back which makes progress easier. Living a life of meaning and staying true to himself has made it possible to enjoy life and know that while money is important for the necessities of life, it is not everything. 

He has daily conversations with himself, and it has taught him to stop criticizing himself and give himself compliments so he is aligned mentally and emotionally.  Motivation comes down to will power and energy levels. When people program their minds to remain motivated no matter what, they can push past low energy levels and they can muster up the strength by digging deep and accessing a part of themselves that will simply not quit. 

Everyone has problems with low energy and physical pain, and it may seem like there’s nothing we can do – on the contrary, people can always find an alternative. If you are unable to run because of a foot injury, then you can strengthen other parts of your body while sitting. The best advice is using your time wisely and to make every action an investment, understanding that everyone has the power to push through their chosen actions if they can chunk them down into small 10-minute portions.

Without good health, how will we be able to make it through 8-10 hour workdays, run errands and drop the little ones off to school, work on our businesses as well as take care of home duties? There will be no time because we’ll spend our days getting rested and wake up to repeat the same old cycle.

Focus on generating more health and energy for yourself, then you can have a solid, consistent daily lifestyle plan and definitely get more out of your day, handle things more smoothly and yes…even have a huge amount of fun! Which YouTube videos did you find most motivating from the list above? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Jamar Sanders

Jamar is originally from Chicago, IL, and now lives in Phoenix, AZ. He is in great health physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. He's a new member of VASA Fitness where he's starting to exercise vigorously. Exercise makes him feel stronger and more courageous. He's also passionate about mental health, art, and Christ.

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