Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory: 5 Motivational Interviews You MUST See!

Impact theory is a YouTube series created by Tom Bilyeu that teaches people how to improve their beliefs and their mindsets. People believe that their circumstances must determine who they are, but this platform allows different people to speak about where they come from and how they have become successful.

You will learn how to become a better business person and how to attack your life with the mentality you need to succeed. If you are looking for motivation and how to program your brain to recover from mistakes faster, then check out Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory: 5 Motivational Interviews You MUST See!

1. You are RUNNING OUT OF TIME, This is What You NEED TO DO About It: Wallo267 on Impact Theory

Wallo 267 has been able to turn his time in prison into a life of prosperity. One will instantly notice his energetic persona and no BS attitude upon meeting him. What has kept him afloat throughout his difficult life journey and 20-year prison sentence has been his mind state.

He refuses to let his life experiences reduce him to a whiner and complainer. He instead seeks to capitalize on every opportunity given to him and he creates opportunities. Wallo267 is a man full of insights and he believes he has a duty to teach the youth how they can make the most of their unfortunate realities.

When some people believe they have reached the end of the road, he believes he has come across an opportunity to evolve and learn. ‘The world is a stage’ is an analogy he has imagined after realizing that attention is the new real estate.

He believes the world is a library and everybody is a book, so we each run into people who we can learn from. When one is in a predicament where they could get beaten down, they must use their minds to think of a better conclusion like he did not go to jail, he went to Yale, he did not go to prison, he went to Princeton, and he did not go to state penn, he went to Penn State. His imagination helped him create a better life.

2. Multi-Billionaire Cuts the B.S. and Explains How To Succeed: Tilman Fertitta on Impact Theory

Tilman Fertitta is a multibillionaire who has amassed a fortune by practicing the basic principles of success. He gives advice about the way a businessperson should carry themselves and how he has approached his career.

Tim Fertitta is an expert at what he knows, so he is clear on helping facilitate people to flourish by doing what they do best. Fearlessness is a character trait of his, but it does not prevent him from worrying. When he shows up to work, he is ready to absorb the game from his employees, lawyers, and bankers alike.

What has kept him in business is that he knows that he must know more about a situation than everybody in the room. Knowledge is key and it empowers him. Employees should only work for companies that will put them in the best position to reach their career goals.

What Fertitta has focused on most is his God given gift of understanding business, but he has worked hard and has cherished the people who he employs which translates into success in any business.

3. This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!): Sadhguru on Impact Theory

Sadhguru begins with answering questions about human potential. Human potential has no limit, but we do need desire and courage to go beyond our limits.

Time will only allow us to go as far as we can, but the possibilities are endless. 50% of time is gone because we spend half of our life concerned with maintenance which includes sleeping, eating, resting, and bathing etc.

That leaves us with half the time to make an impact on the world in the best way we can. Sadhguru will delve into different problems to understand their nature which is compulsiveness. Humans are compulsive by nature because we experience different cycles while living.

Cycles in the universe include the life cycle, music cycles, and water cycles, and the cycles of stars. When asking the question “which comes first, joy or growth?”, he says the answer is joy. He explains that when the body and mind are in a pleasant state, they will work at their best.

Pain is physiological and it is good for the body, but suffering occurs in the mind and he gives insights about afflictions in the world. Pain or no pain, the content of our lives does not change our life, it is the context that does.

4. How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind: Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

Dr. Joe Dispenza has a doctorate from the Life University of Atlanta, and he practices making the mystical understandable so his clients can make the best life choices. The power of thinking and its effects are powerful enough to determine our state of health.

Thinking processes influence each cell in the human body and when we have one negative thought, each cell in the body is affected negatively. The same is true with positive thoughts, and we can use meditation to reprogram our minds to think positively.

Dr. Dispenza understands the subconscious and that the human body is the subconscious because our bodies are where we feel emotions from the thoughts we have, and it does not know the difference.

The analytical mind separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind, and meditation can allow you to reprogram the subconscious so that we are less anxious. Meditation can add years to our lives almost immediately and we can notice the changes by looking under a microscope.

5. Reduce Your BIOLOGICAL AGE, and Live A Longer & BETTER LIFE: Kara Fitzgerald on Health Theory

Eat less sugar, junk food, and eat more greens. Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamin K, C, A, Zinc, and more and dark leafy green vegetables are great for improving brain and heart health.

When paired with exercise, they can reverse the biological age of cells in the body. Genes in the body work by providing instructions for how the body will grow and may even include information about stress, resilience, and trauma. What may be the most astounding part of the video is that what we consume can have effects on five generations of our offspring. Ever wonder if your child will grow to be healthy and live a long life?

A theory can be found at 18:30 of the video that talks about stress and DNA. We can reverse the aging process, with a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation because we are repairing cells in the body and improving the brain.

Tom Bilyeu partnered up with two friends to start his own company Quest Nutrition, and now he is helping other people become successful by sharing cutting edge insights about science, philosophy, and the psychology of decision- making. It all comes down to the mindset and how we treat our bodies. Get up and meditate or go out and exercise because both will reverse the aging process.

Philosophies of living and thinking are major empowerment tools for living a life of quality. Have you  checked out the videos on Impact Theory; which are your favourites from the list above? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

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