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Lielit are a London-based company who produce the finest Teff flour. Teff is an ancient grain which is grown in Ethiopia and Eritrea and comes in a variety of colours, from dark red to light brown. Lielit believe that Teff is full of nutrients which should be used for a healthy and balanced diet. And they’re not wrong! Packed with protein, calcium and iron – Teff is quickly replacing quinoa as the new superfood due to it being gluten free and packed with 13g of protein per 500g bag. This makes it a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians. These key selling points are what makes Teff stand out from other grains, as well as it being available to a wide variety of consumers!

100% White Teff

Per 100g: 346kcal, 3.1g fat, 75g carbs, 11.2g fibre, 9.49 protein -so basically, it’s a valuable high energy fuel source which is low in fat, yet high in protein and fibre (gluten-free).

I baked a variety of foods using this teff flour – from pancakes, to teff bread, to oat rolls – and they were all delicious. This teff has an appealing, wholesome, grainy -yet-pleasing consistency and memorable taste, it’s versatile and very easy to cook with. It has a mild, nutty and harmoniously sweet taste, which is why it makes it delectably easy to substitute into lots of recipes!

You can buy this teff flour for £8 per 500g bag, which is reasonable considering you’re getting a premium quality product straight out of the packet.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Lielit’s Teff flour. It came in beautiful packaging which made it feel like an up-market product adding to a sense of excitement and anticipation upon opening it. I’m a big fan of Teff bread but I’m used to buying it in the supermarket and not making it myself, so I was very happy with how easy it was to make from scratch, by using a recipe from the Lielit website. This flour is definitely one I’ll be incorporating into my diet due to its versatility in creating different foods, the array of health benefits that comes with it, and last but not least, its wholesome full-bodied flavour.

If you want to experience this wonderful grain for yourself then search for Lielit in your local health food shops or visit where you can buy this delicious Teff flour online. You can also follow Lielit on Facebook and Instagram!

Jemma Joel

Jemma is a BSc (Hons) psychology graduate with a passion for food and fitness. On her own personal journey, Jemma has achieved a weight loss of 5 stone over 6 years through a clean diet and regular exercise. With a major 'addiction' to avocados, eggs and green tea, Jemma is your go-to for nutritional information, recipe ideas and fitness routines!

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