Ancient Extracts: Reishi Mushroom (100% Pure and Organic)

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? Want to feel your best naturally? Then why not check out what could be your new best friend and overall natural wellness booster, Reishi Mushroom?

Reishi which is often referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” and “King of Mushrooms” is a distinctive fungus with a glossy, reddish-brown cap and a woody texture, and is renowned for its use in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM for 10,000 years!

Ancient Extracts Reishi Mushroom on Tik Tok Shop is 100% Pure and organic, third party lab tested with zero fillers, and is GMO free, Gluten Free and vegan. It has a minimum of 30% beta glucans which is its own special soluble fiber. 

And if you didn’t know, here are the Top 5 Benefits of Reishi Mushroom!


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1. Boosts your immune system, helping you stay healthy year-round.

2. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

3. Enhances sleep quality, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

4. Improves mental clarity and focus, boosting your productivity.

5. Supports heart health, keeping your ticker in top shape to help keep you smiling, looking vibrant and energetic!

Reishi mushrooms have more than 400 different nutrients. This includes beta-glucans and triterpenoids, compounds that can lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, reducing your diabetes and heart disease risk.


Studies also show the mushrooms also have high level of antioxidant activity, which protects your body from cell damage that can increase your risk of many chronic diseases.

All you need is just one to two grams of per day mixed in with your morning smoothie to experience its amazing potential benefits! A one and a half month supply is on offer at the moment from Ancient Extracts at just £17.99 instead of the usual £24.99 and in addition there’s also an extra 8% off orders over £20! 

Try a packet or two via the Tik Tok link and give yourself the chance of gaining robust, rugged health. After you try it, please let us know how you get on!

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