Top 5 Health Benefits of Celery Seeds!

The modern day celery that we all know, originally formed from a wild celery that was native to the Mediterranean, where the seeds were used for their medicinal properties.  The earliest mention of celery leaves dates back to the ninth century where it made an appearance in the Odyssey, by the Greek poet, Homer.  The Ancient Greeks used these leaves as laurels, to decorate their most famed athletes, whilst the Ancient Romans used celery as a seasoning, which is a tradition that has been carried on for centuries.  Read on for more and our Top 5 Health Benefits of Celery Seeds!

Celery has been used widely throughout Europe since the 1700’s and a couple of centuries on, the USA had this wonderful vegetable on their plates too.  Many of us associate it with the stalks, sliced up in a salad, or braised in the oven, but the seeds, root and leaves are used widely too and all contain the same health benefits.

The celery belongs to the Umbelliferae family, so is a close relation to carrots, parsley and fennel, but being a biennial plant, it only grows every two years. It is known for its delicate salty, flavoured stalks, which are more tender as you pick from the centre.  The flavour can be a bit of a “room divider”, where some find they have an allergy and dislike for it.  However, do read on and take another look at this wonderful vegetable and consider the option of consuming the seeds, a great addition to your kitchen cupboard!

1. Cancer prevention
Celery seeds are a tiny brown, stripy seed with a deeply salty, savoury taste and contain the phytochemical compound known as coumarins.  These compounds are shown to be useful in cancer prevention and enhancing the activity of certain white blood cells.

2. As a diuretic
For many years, celery has been known for its diuretic properties, assisting the body in increasing urine production. Promoting the removal of salt and fluid out of the body has many benefits and can help prevent certain conditions from forming, such as heart disease, kidney disease and liver problems.

3. Lowering blood pressure and migraine relief
One of these compounds in celery, known as 3nB, has been shown to reduce blood pressure.  In animal studies, it has been reported that a small amount of 3nB consumed daily lowered blood pressure by 12-14%. By toning the vascular system, it can also be useful in treating migraines.

4. Reducing inflammation in arthritis, joint pain, and gout
The 3nB in celery has been shown to reduce the uric acid levels in blood, aiding in the reduction of inflammation. With sufferers of gout, this level may rise initially as it can actually begin to dissolve the uric acid crystals that have formed with the development of this condition.

5. Excellent antioxidant source
With high levels of vitamin C and K and a good source of folic acid, vitamins B1 and B6, potassium and calcium, celery seeds can aid in the removal of damaging oxidizing agents we have travelling around our bodies. Helping boost your immune system and combatting everyday pollutants makes these seeds really useful for your overall wellbeing.

Celery seeds are such an easy addition to your diet that can promote good health in so many ways; it’s certainly worth stocking up. Other benefits include bone health, relief from PMT, clearer skin and weight loss. They can be added to soups, stews and stocks, dressings, spice mixes and smoothies and have a long shelf life, compared to the fresh stalks.  Celery seeds are extremely convenient to just sprinkle onto dishes and have a wonderful savoury flavour to add.  If you are someone who loves to exercise, it’s also worth noting the celery seed’s capabilities to replace electrolytes after a good gym session. So, pop a teaspoon in to your post workout re-fuel, and start reaping those benefits! Share your views on these marvellous seeds below or @ KeepfitKingdom !

Debbie Murphy

Debbie Murphy is a Nutritional Chef and Food Journalist who creates recipes and products for healthy eating.  As a qualified chef, trained in Nutrition and an experienced photographer, food blogs and styling are part of her life. Having trained at Leith’s School in London, Debbie is able to create some great dishes and diet plans and is passionate about anything good for our bodies! With a keen interest in exercise, she is a runner, cyclist and long distance dog walker, all in keeping with her love for being outside!

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