Cancer prevention
5 Things People Should Know About Cancer

Cancer is of course, one of the most dangerous diseases in the world with some 19.3 million new cancer cases and 10 million deaths in 2020 alone. People get to know about different cancer cases at a much later stage when things get out of hand. But following a proper lifestyle, going for regular ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Persimmon!

Persimmons; what are these strange looking orange-tomatoes, well persimmon is the name given to a number of different species of highly similar fruits from the genus, Diospyros. Although the most popular version of this fruit was originally native to China, it has spread around the world over the ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Celery Seeds!

The modern day celery that we all know, originally formed from a wild celery that was native to the Mediterranean, where the seeds were used for their medicinal properties.  The earliest mention of celery leaves dates back to the ninth century where it made an appearance in the Odyssey, by the ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Rambutan!

The sharp and hairy appearance of the Malay-Indonesian and Southeast Asian originated Rambutan might make it look like an aggressive lychee imposter, but this exotic fruit has a unique health benefit profile. The Nephelium lappaceum, (Latin) comes from the Sapindaceae family of flowering plants, ...

Top 5 Benefits of Kale!

It’s still becoming more and more popular everyday, kale is the ‘new’ leafy alternative to spinach, cabbage or chard. It’s a member of the cabbage family and is available in different types, green or purple in colour and smooth or curly in shape. Low in calories but considered one of the most ...

5 Smart Ways To Use Turmeric In Your Meals!

If you're health conscious or a foodie, you've just got to know these 5 Smart Ways To Use Turmeric In Your Meals! if you're into wellbeing, chances are turmeric has been on your radar. Its slightly perfumed and bitter earthy taste is a unique and delicious enhancement to almost any dish. Turmeric's ...

Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

It’s amazing how much green tea has shot to fame in recent years. Once just known in Asian countries to promote health it’s now sold in pretty much every supermarket and café in the UK and recommended by celebrities for its health-boosting properties. OK, so we all know that green tea is healthy ...

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