7 Minutes 2 Bliss: My Experience

Stress and worry are all too common in today’s always connected and demanding society. It can be quite difficult to juggle work, personal obligations, and the constant stream of information.

It’s crucial now more than ever to find stress management strategies that work. I recently researched Keep Fit Kingdom’s 7 Minutes 2 Bliss: Metaverse Breathing Method, which claims to dramatically lower stress and anxiety in a few of minutes. I made the decision to give it a try with a mixture of hope and skepticism.

First Impressions

I was fascinated yet hesitant when I initially learned about the 7 Minutes 2 Bliss Metaverse Breathing method. In just a few minutes, might a breathing exercise have a major effect on my stress levels? The promises were audacious: a 60% or greater reduction in stress in less than three minutes. But the endorsements from celebrities like Jason Prall, who claimed to feel more at ease and focused after just one minute, and the testimonies of renowned psychotherapists, breath coaches, and wellness specialists intrigued me.

The Method

A variety of breathing techniques are included in the 7 Minutes 2 Bliss approach, which is intended to soothe the body and mind swiftly and effectively. It’s designed to lead you through various phases of relaxation:

  • 3 Minutes to Peace: The first part helps you go from stress to calmness by helping you center and ground your thoughts.
  • 5 Minutes to Joy: As you proceed, the activities are designed to improve your mood by encouraging happiness and optimism.
  • 7 Minutes to Bliss: The last part takes you to a state of pleasant relaxation and strengthens your sense of serenity.

My Experience

I decided to attempt the 3-minute version of the method because I had a hectic schedule, and I concentrated on the first phase which is supposed to provide tranquility. I started by following the detailed directions given by one of the specialized trainers in a clear, calm environment.

  • First Minute: I had a hard time at initially calming my thoughts. My mind was racing, and I could feel every tense muscle in my body. Still, the breathing exercises were disciplined and helped me concentrate. My rushing mind gradually started to settle as I took steady breaths in and out.
  • Second Minute: My stress level significantly decreased as I went along. My pulse slowed, and I felt a wave of serenity come over me. My shoulders became less tense, and I felt more rooted.
  • Third Minute: I was very taken aback by how at ease I felt by the conclusion of the third minute. It was not hyperbole to say that the approach offered a sense of peace. The anxieties that had troubled me seemed to recede from my consciousness.

The Benefits

Even after only three minutes of practice, the 7 Minutes 2 Bliss approach showed to be a useful tool for stress management. The following are some of the main advantages I noticed:

  • Quick Tension Reduction: The technique provides observable tension and anxiety alleviation.
  • Increased Focus: I was able to focus more easily because of the systematic breathing techniques that helped me center my thoughts.
  • Ease of Use: The exercises are easy to include into regular routines because they are basic and handy.
  • Improved Mood: My state of mind was significantly improved by the technique, which left me feeling optimistic and hopeful.
  • Accessibility: This breathing method is for all ages including children making it a flexible stress reduction tool.

Discovering efficient strategies to handle stress and anxiety is essential in a world where they are pervasive. To assist with this, the 7 Minutes 2 Bliss: Metaverse Breathing Method provides a straightforward but effective tool. I had a tremendous sensation of calm and a major decrease in stress in just three minutes.

This is a worthwhile strategy to attempt for anyone looking for a simple, accessible way to enhance their mental health. A short period of focused breathing can have a profound impact, regardless of where you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Zainab Nassrallah

Zainab is a 21 year-old university student from Canada majoring in social and personality psychology. She is passionate about mental health and dedicated to understanding the complexities of human behavior and emotional wellbeing. Her studies have deepened her interest in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and the impact of social dynamics. Outside of her academic pursuits, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and watching Netflix. She is committed to user her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the field of mental health and support those in need.

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