5 Instagram Influencers Who Put a Positive Spin on Fitness

Fitness is not a ‘one size fits all’ affair, not in the least! These fitness influencers are here to prove that you can find what you need and probably also the right person to show you how it’s done. Still in doubt? Think again! Read on for these 5 Instagram Influencers who Put a Positive Spin on Fitness!

1. Chris Luera: @tatted_strength

Chris is an ambassador of calisthenics, a style of bodyweight training which combines gymnastics and strength. On his Instagram page, you can see him perform highly-demanding bodyweight movements on tables, poles, you name it, all which demand incredible strength, mobility, and endurance.

Soon, he will release his book “Beyond the Bars: From Prison to the Podium” documenting his experience moving forward from a rough past. As he says on his Instagram page, “hard work makes success”, and calisthenics has been a huge part of his journey.

2. Massy Arias: @massy.arias

Health coach Massy, is one of the newer wave of Instagram influencers advocating a fitness lifestyle as a working woman and mother. Even with little sleep and a lively toddler, Massy has released her app #EmpoweredbyMassy which integrates cardio, yoga, and strength training. Her “mommy and me” workouts on Instagram gets her daughter involved when her mommy duties are unavoidable.

3. Torre Washington: @torre.washington

Qualified bodybuilder and coach Torre Washington challenges the assumption that muscle gain cannot be achieved on a plant-based diet. Raised vegetarian and vegan since 1998, Washington shares with his followers how he does not track his food, instead intensifying his training programme when he needs to build muscle mass for shows.

He has another message for his followers: “Often times, we tend to look towards those who have this huge following based on public opinion. What I mean by that is don’t allow the narrative that says just because someone has a large presence on social, that they are necessarily what you need to hear,” he says in an IGTV video.

4. Sophie Butler: @sophjbutler

Gymshark athlete Sophie Butler proves that fitness is not a ‘one size fits all’. Sophie, who suffered an injury to her spinal cord in an accident at the gym two years ago, has had a long journey with her physical and mental health.

She uses her platform to inspire others to make the gym work for them, whether they are in a wheelchair or not. “Maybe there isn’t anyone in my gym who looks like me, but maybe I need to be that representation for other people”, she writes on the Gymshark blog.

5. Lucy Mountain: @lucymountain

Follow Lucy and you’ll join her community of “Nobs”. If that’s not enough to differentiate her from other fitness influencers, you will soon be convinced by her alternative “calling out fitness BS” approach to living a healthy lifestyle. A qualified personal trainer, her posts react to unrealistic diets, debunking common fitness myths and more.

Are you familiar with the above Instagram influencers? There are many, many more out there of course, but who do you resonate with best? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. As the big 2020 fast-arrives, get your mind in gear, take inventory of your reasons, and build momentum enough to stay automatically, and habitually motivated until the big 100…Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Katie Treharne

A lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, and vegetarian, Katie is committed to weight training with the view that all women would benefit from lifting. Aside from that, she is keen on keeping an active lifestyle and has experimented with yoga, kickboxing, and ice skating, to name a few. She's also interested in balancing health and fitness with travel, as a freelance travel journalist too.

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