7 Immune System Secrets to Defeat Cold & Flu this Winter!

Flu season is fully-fledged and now around us and as bitter nights lie opposite cold days, many people it seems are falling sick about us. Winter weather means your immune system, usually responsible for warding off nasty viruses, often takes a knock causing viruses to spread much that more easily and ultimately make you ill. With the first flu cases often appearing around October it is especially important to boost your immunity now and here’s how you can do so without spending excessive amounts of cash on pills. Read on for 7 Immune System Secrets to Defeat Cold & Flu this Winter!

1. A balanced diet is vital

The secret to wellness is a healthy, balanced everyday diet because your body thrives off nutrients which are central to cell renewal, defense and repair. Therefore, the strength of your immunity will depend on the quality of the foods you eat. Sadly, there isn’t a single food that will provide all the essential nutrients needed to ward off strands of influenza but there is a trick; you can get an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre from the everyday food items that you probably already have around.

2. Drink more water!

Your immune system depends on a steady supply of water because it carries oxygen to cells. Since your body’s cells are made of 70% water it needs sufficient hydration to replenish and boost overall function. Simply increase your water intake to carry toxins out the body, deliver nutrients better, regulate temperature and ultimately reduce likeliness of getting viruses. Also, use water to wash your hands regularly as an extra hack to stay well!

3. Simply add garlic

Add a hint of immune-enhancing magic to your diet with garlic. When ground, the compound releases its main active ingredient, allicin that helps spread disease-fighting white blood cells in the body and antibody creation. Garlic is therefore a dominant ingredient to promote resistance and enhance cell rejuvenation.

4. Give these powerful mushrooms a try

New research is showing that eating certain types of mushrooms could help fight infections by refining the body’s natural immunity. Shitake, reishi and maitake are all linked to these positive immune effects by preventing viral illness as a result of antiviral and antibacterial properties. Try more mushrooms in your diet for an easy long-term, but natural way to battle the bugs!

5. Black elderberries, olive leaves, oats & rye

Other nutrients found helpful in immune system strengthening are found in foods such as black elderberry, olive leaf, oats and rye. They support your internal defense systems by reinforcing pathogen-destroying capabilities by stimulating macrophage cells and resisting infections.

6. Vitamin D

As well as minerals and nutrients, vitamins are very helpful in preventing infections. It’s easy to think of vitamin C and Zinc as the main immune-friendly vitamins but other branches like vitamin D are also really effective in improving immune system function.

7. Recharge yourself with sunlight rays when possible (or try infrared lamps)

In the winter of course, we get less sun – meaning that our bodies produce less vitamin D. As a result, levels of inflammatory protein cytokines, which are naturally occurring antibiotics, are lowered hence why more people fall ill at this time of year. Ensure you get enough sun rays whenever you can (within reason of course as being in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes at a time can be harmful) as the healing rays of the sun are extremely beneficial to all bodily processes. We soon hope to bring you more news on infrared healing methods too, so stay tuned!

So there we have it, 7 Immune System Secrets to Defeat Cold & Flu this Winter! What’s worked for you in keeping colds and flu at bay? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check in with these Top 5’s that will help you KEEP YOUR Fit ON!

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