Why Mental Health Is so Important

Mental health has evolved in the past few decades. More people are seeing it as a normal thing to be concerned about, and more has been done to recognize the various mental illnesses and differences life has thrown at us. However, there is more to be done, and here are a few reasons Why Mental Health Is so Important.

It starts with you – so you need to take care of yourself first

Many of us really just need life advice, it’s important that you seek a counselor or a therapist to get the help you need. Even if there are other issues, this can help you. Online therapy has made it much easier for you to talk to a therapist or a counselor who is best suited to you, as well as getting the help you need and suiting your own schedule. Sites such as Regain can help you get assistance on your own terms.

Ignorance and prejudice is still (unfortunately) going strong

Everyone is different in their own way, but someone who is suffering from a mental illness may be distrusted by the general population, or shamed for their mental illness. They may not have the motivation to cope with life too, and not all the help out there is well…helpful.

For example, someone who has depression may be told to ‘cheer up’, or ‘get over’ their problems. Someone who has anxiety may be told to ‘calm down’. If you have autism, many people won’t understand your quirks, or think you aren’t autistic because you are high-functioning and don’t display the signs of what people think is autism. Sometimes, it’s just ignorance talking. Other times, there are other reasons for why people are a bit afraid of mentally ill people. Either way, we believe more education is needed.

It’s a lot of unnecessary suffering

We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to getting people the mental help they need. Many people swear by a counselor or a therapist to help them with everything they do, but others may not have that luxury. The problem with society is that the poor, who often need mental healthcare the most, don’t have the resources to get it. This can create a poverty cycle that is hard to break.

While there are free or low-cost resources for people to get the mental healthcare they need, they aren’t accessible by everyone, and someone should be able to get resources whenever they can, regardless of income.

We’re living in stressful times and a stressful ‘culture’

One thing that impacts your mental health is stress. While some level of stress is good and keeps you busy, we live in a world where there is often too much stress. Stress at home, stress on the job, stress at school, bills, the list goes on. There are many people in the world who are over-stressed, and this can lead to various health problems. Heart problems, eating issues, anxiety, the list goes on. If you are one of these people, you may want to get help to figure out how you can manage stress with ease. Keeping fit and working out can help tremendously, but without the keys to mental health these may be temporary ‘fixes’ only. You must eventually get real solutions.

You children’s lives are affected by your level of mental health

If you have kids, you may want to watch their mental health development. Childhood is the time of foundation-building that can have for good or ill, a major impact on their entire life development, so you should make sure your child is having the best life possible and is mentally stimulated. For ideas on how you can help your child grow and flourish, sites like TheBump and FamilyHype have some informative, helpful suggestions.

There’s still a huge amount of work that needs to be done around mental illness. However, we have made great strides, and hope to continue to raise awareness of this vital topic to ensure the long term mental health and wellbeing of those who most need it.

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