How to Destroy Disease

Let’s get to the bottom line fast, people are sick of being sick — taking medicine, prescription drugs, losing days or months or even years of their lives to heart disease, cancer and the slow burn of depression. Who really wants to spend (the very limited) time they have on Earth investing tremendous amounts of emotional energy living in a state of worry, anxiety, or fear — what about the stress it causes loved ones, family, friends not to mention oneself?

Change is on the way; it’s clear for example that the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major shift toward wellness, just as the automotive industry is turning toward solar-power as an alternative to petrol for fuel. In this article we are going to look at a few ideas that can help you take back control of your health and empower you to make decisions to attain and sustain your best healthset yet. Read on for How To Destroy Disease – and no, you don’t need to study epigenetics, chemistry or quantum physics to benefit!

[Note: Initially, we were advised to defer from writing this article because it could easily and quite understandably cause a stir in the community. But as with any progress and development, there is always a learning curve and then strangely enough, what was previously thought impossible ten or twenty years ago suddenly becomes possible, then the norm. Hedonic adaptation? Well, we hope not – at least not when it comes to health which shouldn’t be taken for granted.]

1. Reason For Change – Your WHY?

The first thing to be aware of is your own reasons for wanting to take your health into your own hands. Everyone has their own reasons, but why is this important for you? How many reasons do you have? Three, or five or ten? The more reasons you have, the more free emotional energy you will generate which will compel you to take action. Write your reasons down, and take a good look for a couple of minutes daily at what you’ve noted. Do this for a week and you’ll see clearly how keen your reasons really are.

2. How Healthy Do You Want To Be?

Your mind and imagination play a major role here. Decide clearly what greater health means to you and what you’ll be able to do once you tap into it. Does it mean being able to go the gym after a busy day at the office, to then being able to spend quality time with your family and kids and still have surplus energy in the bank. Maybe with that you could run a side business without fatigue before it’s time to turn in with your partner for the night? Does it mean you’ll be able to enjoy every single moment of everyday until the end of your life, with little to no disease? Does it mean reaching 100 years of age and looking back on a full and inspired life where you’ve made a significant impact on your family, friends, community, country, and even the world?

3. Analyse What You’re Saying (To Yourself)

You become what you habitually tell yourself and that goes for your health too. According to eminent brain researchers and psychologists you have up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Imagine they are like your own personal army. You must command them with clear instructions about what you’re going after. For example if you constantly say to yourself, “I am always late” or “I am fat”, guess what? That habitual self-talk will begin to galvanise that as your reality. Likewise if you say “I am healthy”, “I am strong”, “I am a genius”, what do you think will begin to constellate and condense into actual physical habits? Fast forward 5 years from now – and if we could download the chat log of your own monologue, we would be able to understand how you’ve arrived at your current state today. (Both exciting and scary isn’t it?)

4. Get Scripting

Ever wonder why superhero films are so cool and never seem to go out of style? Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman, Hulk, Black Panther, Aquaman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Iron Fist (the list goes on…) why is that, and why are they ever surging in popularity? It’s their stories, they’re engaging and can inspire in you a sense of what might be possible. Flick through any good comic book and you’ll note a script. Now here’s what they didn’t tell you in school – you can write your own script starting from what you decide to tell yourself…about yourself. All superheroes have a special or unique gift or talent that they decide to commit to, build and develop which becomes the journey of their lives. If you mentally command your 70,000 strong thought army daily “I am healthy, I am happy and full of abundant energy”, do you think they will simultaneously expect to get sick? Unlikely.

5. Your Food Is Your Medicine

It’s obvious to most that what you eat has an almost instant impact on your health, energy and well-being. From the way you feel, to the quality of your metabolic processes, body heat, digestion, alertness of senses and the optimisation or depression of your hormone function. Whichever way you cut it, food is powerfuel. Eat the right food fuel – research suggests a vegetarian, not necessarily a vegan diet – including legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, tubers (potato, sweet potato, yam etc) and roots, and of course, a wide variety of different fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll begin to notice (within 2-6 months) that you rarely get sick, rarely need to see the doctor or take medications of any kind, you’ll be more ‘regular’, sleep like a baby and have energy to spare. In addition, it’s also incredibly tasty, as well as super easy on the wallet, what’s not to like?

These are just a few ideas to get started with, but in reality we’ve just touched the surface of the new, emerging and hot trending subject of “lifestyle medicine”. It’s curious how very little we’re taught about the mind and its role on our health while we’re at school, or by society in general when it facilitates every decision, change and result. You might find this quote worth remembering: “Life is a game – it’s fun when we know the rules, but damn… it’s a real mess when we don’t!” -Anonymous

What are your thoughts on eradicating disease? (You’ll also find Janet Thomson‘s “Colour Fast Re-Set” program helpful if you’re interested in transforming yourself inside and out.) So, have you made some changes in the way you think and eat to overcome some particular health challenge? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. (Check out these other E-motive articles to help you get and Keep YOUR Fit ON!)

Raj Khedun

Raj is an experienced relationship and life coach with a special interest in peak performance and helping people achieve their maximum potential. He has over 10 years of coaching experience, and 20 years of yoga, stress, time and energy management experience. He also enjoys consulting with clients to achieve their physical training and nutrition goals. His inspiring, energetic, yet result-oriented style is contagious - he has a unique ability to help people find their true life purpose and get them passionate about their own short and long-term goals. Raj also speaks several languages, widening his international appeal.

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