Social Prescribing

What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing is a way of connecting patients in primary care with other sources of support in the community. It provides GPs with a non-medical referral option that can operate alongside existing treatments. The aim is to work together with the patient and discover what matters most to them and by working with their strengths, creating a personalised lifestyle plan for sustainable wellness.

This approach to improving health and well-being done properly has been shown to be more effective than traditional medical methods alone as it leads to longer term sustainability which creates a ‘virtuous cycle’. Please see our special, in-depth interview with NHS Doctor: Thuli Whitehouse.

Keep Fit Kingdom is a noble mission”
Dr Michael Dixon (National Clinical Lead for Social Prescription -NHS England; Medical Advisor to HRH Prince Charles and Chairman of the College of Medicine)

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We are equipped to provide social prescriber and wellness advisor (also known as link worker) services to GP practices throughout all London boroughs.

Our team have also pioneered an approach that goes a step further into what’s called “Purpose Prescribing”. So, in addition to helping people get involved in meaningful community activity we also create plans for further individual growth and development. By so empowering the patient to build upon their own self confidence and self worth – they’ll realise there are many ways they can contribute to meaningful goals; activity to benefit themselves and others, as well.

This ‘virtuous cycle’ means people will spend more time enjoying their lives, rather than default to spending precious time in GP surgeries or hospitals, taking almost endless rounds of medication – simply because they thought they had no other option.

This takes personalised wellness consulting to the next level whereby our skilled team are able to draw on a person’s individual strengths and abilities to help them create an inspiring, purpose-based vision, plan and lifestyle toward its attainment. For example, a person knows they are good at music or art, but just never had the opportunity to discuss it, nor the encouragement or support to help them exercise and realise their, as yet unused talent and potential.

The areas we focus on are: health, fitness, nutrition & diet, wellness, overcoming addictions, self-discovery, and purpose-centred growth. It’s always about the patient and ensuring they receive the highest level of understanding and empathy, encouragement and empowerment for their journey.

We congratulate you on the work you are doing in establishing your Keep Fit Kingdom programme”

What we offer

  • Motivational Interviewing: 60-90 minutes.
    This is usually conducted face-to-face in a convenient location, (ie. GP office, local library, community centre room or at the patient’s home) or via phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.
  • A clear, simple and practical lifestyle plan so that the patient has a clear idea of ‘how a day looks’. Includes agreed objectives, that can be completed in small, manageable daily steps to measure progress and improvement. (Programme usually lasts from 3-12 months.)
  • Patient questionnaire (guided if needed) filled in before and after the programme.
    Scores taken every 4-6 weeks as well as upon completion of the programme.
  • Starter-kit: contains useful items to help the patient’s journey.
  • Contact points: usually once per fortnight (depending on need) for the first three months, and monthly thereafter.
  • Flexible: 3-12 month plan with assessment every month to assess progress.
  • Phone and email support always available. Online chat option.

Conforms to General Practice Forward View (GPFV) criteria. Licences available. To find out more about how our programme delivery can help you, please get in touch with Marleen Lam via email: and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

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