Top 5 Reasons Why Dates Make The Perfect Snack!

Dates are no new superfood, they have been around since biblical times and beyond and really make their biggest appearance in the Christmas season, perhaps they’re Mother Nature’s perfect candies? If sweet and gooey fits your snacking criteria then stay right here and read our Top 5 Reasons Why Dates Make The Perfect Snack! Yes, a potential new sweet love affair…and the best thing of all? It’s completely guilt free! 

As a child, the finding of dates in my grandparent’s house at Christmas is one of my dearest childhood memories. Dates are grown naturally on big palm trees, which are said to have originated in Iraq. There are many different varieties including (medjool, Iranian etc ) which can be eaten fresh or dried. These wonderful little bundles of goodness taste like they should be naughty, but are actually full of nutritional and convenience benefits as explained below:

1. Packed with nutrients
Dates are little nutritional powerhouses! They boast a range of vitamins including beta-carotene (an antioxidant for good immune health), B-vitamins (for energy release), minerals such as iron (for healthy red blood cell production), calcium (for strong teeth and bones), manganese, copper and magnesium, as well as the electrolyte potassium (good for regulating bodily fluids and blood pressure).

2. Keep you full
Because dates are also high in fibre, eating a small amount will keep you full for a lengthy time. The natural sugar provides a release of energy that prevents your blood sugars from spiking and then dropping, avoiding that energy high and subsequent energy crash that many people experience after eating sugary sweets or chocolate bars.

3. Good for digestion
Again, due to the rich fibre content of this fruit, dates are amazing for your digestive health. They have been used for years as a remedy for constipation, their speedy journey through the gut is sure to keep you regular!

4. Healthy alternative to sweets and processed confectionery
Although they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing snack out there, what they lack in looks they sure do make up for in flavour. If you have a sweet-tooth I am almost certain that you will love dates. They are so intensely sweet, gooey and sticky, it’s almost like eating sweets! They are the perfect healthy sweetie or chocolate alternative.

5. Grab and go!
Because they are so small and lightweight, dates make the perfect ‘on the go’ snack. Whether you only have a 5 minute work break, no time to make breakfast, need something to shove into your pockets to fuel a long run, or want something easy to put in the kids’ lunchboxes, dates are the perfect choice and are sure to go down a treat with everyone.

Dates taste amazing all on their own, but if you’re feeling creative check out the video above for a delicious recipe video . If you have any date recipes or if you try this one please let us know how you get on in the comments or Tweet us @keepfitkingdom !

Shannon Lawlor

Shannon is a 24 year-old passionate vegan and health enthusiast living in Beijing, China. Shannon has a solid knowledge of nutrition from spending 2 years of her life as a student dietitian. She enjoys applying her knowledge of food and nutrition to help others achieve optimal health. Shannon loves trying new foods and is constantly creating new vegan recipes. Shannon is energetic and likes keeping active by weight training, walking her dog or doing yoga.

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