Top 5 Benefits of Cooking With Coconut!

Back in ‘the dairy days’, the coconut would only bring one image to mind, one so full of rejection, it would make Mr ‘It’s a no from me’ Simon Cowell, quake in his boots. Yes, I’m talking about the collection of unwanted Bounty bars at the bottom of the Celebration box!  So with the growing range of coconut products lining our supermarket shelves, should we now swap out our cooking oil, flour and sugar for their coconut alternatives?  Read on for the Top 5 Benefits of Cooking With Coconut!

1. Purest source
Coconut flour is made from 100% pure coconut.  The inner lining of the coconut is separated from the outer husk and milk, then ground and baked at a low heat to dry out.  This creates the powdery consistency of flour.  Similarly, the water content is evaporated from the liquid sap of the coconut palm flower, leaving behind the golden, glistening coconut sugar.  When purchasing pre-made products, remember to choose the brands that only contain the one ingredient, free from any artificial flavourings and preservatives.

2. Nutrient dense
Both coconut sugar and flour contain low glycemic levels, supporting stable blood sugar.  Coconut flour is a great source of protein and fibre, while coconut sugar also contains various minerals including iron, zinc and calcium, as well as Vitamin C to support your immune system.  Additionally, coconut oil is a favourable substitute to other fats, as its thermogenic properties have been shown to boost metabolism.

Click the video below where I demonstrate 3 coconut infused, vegan recipe favourites!

3. Allergen friendly
A huge bonus of coconut flour in particular is that it is gluten free, so it’s the perfect alternative for those of us who cannot process grain flours so well.  In fact, coconut flour actually aids healthy digestion due to its high fibre content.  While almond flour is also gluten free, it is not suitable for those with nut allergies, so again coconut flour is the best choice here.

4. Sustainably sourced
Ethical and sustainable sourcing is becoming increasingly important to the consumer, particularly when purchasing food.  Be sure to choose organic coconut products to guarantee environmental and social protection from chemical fertilisers and pesticides.  The Groovy Food Company produce organic coconut oil, sugar and flour, and are stocked in not just health food stores, but also major supermarkets in the UK, so check them out!

5. Versatile
Just like Meryl Streep’s versatility in Hollywood (one minute she’s a fierce fashion editor, the next an Abba singing songstress), the coconut’s adaptability in the kitchen knows no bounds! The smell alone will transport you to paradise, a fragrance so sweet you will be convinced you are on a desert island, basking in the Sun as Ryan Gosling feeds you the fresh coconut he has just scaled the tallest tree to retrieve…ahh heaven!

Since going vegan, my eyes have been opened to the versatility and nutritional value of this island paradise plant! Why not try it yourself and experience the many health and wellbeing benefits for yourself? Hope you liked the video above, feel free to like, share, comment and subscribe. We love sharing and welcome your own coconut creations too! 

Sasha Hick

Sasha is a student at the London College of Fashion and is particularly interested in ethical and environmental brands. She believes compassion is the most important value in humanity and enjoys living a vegan lifestyle. Being a major foodie, you will find her trying out new vegan hotspots around London in search of plant based goodness. Her exercise regime includes kitchen dance parties and hula hooping in front of the TV whilst watching Hugh Grant movies!

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