Breath Magic — by Raj Khedun

Title: Breath Magic: How ONE Secret Key Can Unlock YOUR Optimal Health and Wellness in Just 10-Minutes a Day!
Raj Khedun / Foreword by Patrick McKeown (“The Oxygen Advantage”)
Keep Fit Kingdom: 1st edition.


“Dedicated to those who may be suffering with any pain, disease or illness and want to escape the tiresome, medical matrix merry-go-round. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope, the cure may be closer than you think – you may just be holding the key to it in your hands, right now…” -Raj Khedun.

As simple as it might sound, breathing can give us the key to optimal wellness. This book which features a foreword by one of the world’s leading experts on the subject of breath, Patrick McKeown author of “The Oxygen Advantage“) takes us through the concept and the results of the free, Keep Fit Kingdom Wellness Study which (spoiler!) has achieved some amazing results. 

In this review article, I will share three key points that will help you improve your health and give you more reasons to read this intriguing little book. Let’s begin

Even The Hulk Approves of this Tip…

The section “Teaching the Hulk to Breathe…” brought a smile to my face as the author mentions the part of the movie when the Bruce Banner visits Rickson Gracie, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts legend who teaches him how to breathe properly through his nose, why? Simple:

The best way to control your anger is to control your body, control your pulse, breathe, breathe…”

This shows, not just that even superheroes need to learn this technique, but that we must all learn how to control our emotions; in a way, we all have an inner “Hulk” inside, that wakes up when our ego, anger, and frustrations take over our bodies and minds. If we don’t master these, it’s easy to become the incredible Sulk!

Breath Magic is for the Busy Ones Among You

Do not think that just because you are too busy that this book isn’t for you. This is a short-read, 56-page book which teaches us a 10minute method that we’re challenged to do daily for 30 days (after you start noticing the results, you will keep going).

The Method in Brief

  • Assume a comfortable posture with your back straight.
  • Close your mouth.
  • Use your right thumb to block your right nostril and breathe 12 times.
  • Do the same on the right side but use your index finger to block your left nostril.
  • Do 3 sets of 4 breaths each (12 breaths per set, per nostril).

Nothing to Lose, a Lot to Gain!

It’s interesting how nobody mentioned this before, or maybe we just never paid attention to it. Regardless, we don’t have any more excuses not to do this!

Below are just a few of the several benefits that the book lists:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased self-control
  • Reduced pain

Here are some of the highlights of the breathwork study (after 7 days):

And if you keep doing it, you will keep improving and getting better, as there is a compounding or accumulative effect.


I talked about this study and method before in my article entitled The FREE Secret Key to True Health and Happiness and how it helped me. This is one of those topics that we should keep promoting, if in just seven days people saw and felt the benefits of it, imagine if we kept doing it, and imagine if everybody would know about this.

To sum up, I would like to encourage people to read this neat little book and keep sharing it with everyone you know. We waste lots of money in the medical system that sometimes only makes things worse but we don’t think twice about it, now we have another option that is free and is showing superb results, so why not give it a shot?

Favourite Chapter

Feedback from People Around the World Who Have Tried this Method.

Favourite Quotes

  • Just because it looks like there’s no material object in a space immediately around you, does that mean there’s nothing there?” -Raj Khedun
  • The role of the nose in health and in respiration has been greatly neglected by physicians.” -Dr. Pat Barelli (ENT specialist)
  • By pranayama, the mind and the senses become purified” -Kularnavatantra
  • I never realized how much of a vital role breathing plays in the control of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and overall happiness.” -A.K. 
  • Think of the time, money, stress, headache and emotional angst you’ll save yourself, as well as members of your family and community!”Raj Khedun

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Agustin Cardone

Agustin Cardone, from Argentina, currently lives in Ireland, and studies psychology in Mexico. He fell in love with sports when he started playing rugby at 14, soon becoming team captain. He now lifts weights and practices boxing as a way to release stress. He is highly interested in the relationship between body and mind, and is curious about how the brain works and why people do what they do. He would like to help people with addiction, depression, and personality disorders. He believes we all have a story to tell and that we should express it.

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