Digestion: How Mine Got Better with One, Secret Breathing Technique!

As mentioned in my previous article, my coach advised me to do this one, simple breathing technique and report back on my results, before determining whether or not to scale up and if so, for how long etc. This breathing exercise (which you can join and try here) started out small, for just about 1-2 minutes per day. My coach stressed daily practice since habits are paramount on the road to recovery. Curious? Then follow on for Digestion: How Mine Got Better with One, Secret Breathing Technique!

I did notice that the technique helped clear my mind and emotions tremendously allowing me to remain sharp as a tack for the first time in two decades! The great thing is, the more you do, the more the benefits begin to accumulate, and then snowball.

Once I understood that this breathing technique could not only help with digestion problems, but also help with bloating (I had a lot of gas), I became even more intrigued.

It’s easy to overlook the causes of pain, especially when they temporarily ‘disappear’, but it’s dreadful when they return again. Now, I’m glad to say I definitely do NOT miss any of my PMS symptoms, or 3-day long migraines which I used to regularly get (like clockwork) before I started the breathing technique!

My particular digestive issues vary from day to day, but if I do notice bloating or acid reflux, I do the technique for a minute or two and it helps to diminish those symptoms a lot.

Eating 75-80% wholefoods and ditching processed, ready-made foods as well as effortlessly cutting out bingeing and comfort eating has proven to be another huge plus that the breathing technique helps with.

I’ve been doing the technique for 30 minutes per day for about 4 months now and what I notice is definitely less attachment and craving for food; (yes ladies, you can drop a couple of dress sizes with this method) pizza, crisps, toasties and chocolate were all among my chief offenders!

I usually have breakfast around 10am or noon, with my second meal around 6pm. Now, I feel less of a need for food (I’m hardly peckish in between meals anymore) – fascinating! And I feel absolutely fine, energetic, clear-headed, contented and even growing in understanding about the finer things in life. I don’t obsess about food anymore.

I’ve got to say, I’m utterly grateful to have been taught and instructed about this wonderful, and versatile breathing exercise!

Stay tuned for more progress updates…

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Marleen Lam

Marleen Lam is a journalist from Holland with a background in pediatric speech therapy and sensory integration. Her passions are reading, teaching, child-development, cats, food, gardening and being outdoors. As she continues to evolve, she is enjoying getting more into mindfulness including meditation, yoga, vegan food and energy healing practices like Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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