Mixed Martial Arts: 8 Excellent Health & Lifestyle Benefits

When we hear about Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA) we usually think about the fighters in the UFC or the diverse skills of Bruce Lee from the 1960’s and 1970’s. MMA is a combination of several fighting sports in one such as boxing, kickboxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, taekwondo, wrestling and judo.

It is a contact, combat sport practiced by many at a professional level. But the fantastic thing about the sport is that it is for anyone and everyone who wants to reach ultimate levels of mental, physical and emotional fitness. It’s open for all ages, it’s safe, (as long as you’re paying attention!) and surprisingly people don’t get too easily injured while practicing MMA. Is it for you? Find out and read on in Mixed Martial Arts: 8 Excellent Health & Lifestyle Benefits!

Through the ages Mixed Martial Arts have in fact been practiced all around the world. It was first ‘played’ in Ancient China and was called Leitai which was a mixture of martial arts, boxing and wrestling. Similar kinds of sport were practiced in Ancient Greece named Pankration which features the grappling and striking found in modern-day Ultimate Fighting Championship and other fighting promotions.

1. Improves Confidence

Mixed Martial Arts boosts confidence and self-esteem, which make an immense difference to your daily life.

The ability to defend yourself will also instil humility in you and in fact enable you take control in disarming a potentially threatening situation. It helps you to face the challenges of life, which can elate you from within and make you feel on top of the world. It helps you in the way you carry yourself around people and even public speaking!

2. Toughens You Physically

It builds your stamina, tones your muscles, and increases your agility. Along with the regular practice of MMA, you would also require a lifestyle of supportive physical habits.

3. Toughens You Mentally

It helps you to develop a ‘never say die’, ‘no quit’, ‘no excuses’ attitude and increases your resilience. Also the psychological impact of wearing fighting Gis does wonders for one’s sense of identity and value. 

4. Increases Flexibility

MMA training improves flexibility. It helps prevent fractures, pulled muscles and reduced mobility as you age and while you’re younger, it improves flexibility so you can go through daily life that much more swiftly.

5. Improves Self-Discipline

Consistent practice of MMA leads to self-discipline. It’s a vital life skill and helps you achieve your goals, making a better impact at the workplace.

6. Team Practice

It helps you to create relationships with your fellow participants and coach or trainer. It’s a sport that teaches self-respect and mutual respect for others, which helps build and sustain a community of friends who become like an extended family.

7. Helps with Weight Loss

Along with a balanced diet, Mixed Martial Arts is a great way to reduce weight and burn calories relatively quickly.

8. Improves Strength and Power

MMA helps you to work out your core and all other muscle groups. Bodyweight exercises and weight training are indispensably helpful to building strength. With strength comes power. Imagine what you can do with that!

Over two thousand years the sport has evolved into the modern-day mixed martial arts. In the contemporary world, many people indulge in this sport for pleasure, fun, competition, (yes, even money), fitness and health benefits. The regular practice of mixed martial arts increases balance, stability, and lung capacity among many more as well as giving you a newfound gratitude for the gift of your body.

The daily routine of a gym or training environment does wonders for your mind, body and spirit and supports you to lead a better life by bringing you a greater sense of meaning and authenticity. What do you think of mixed martial arts as a practice and discipline? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. You might also want to check out our article on Tai Chi & Qi Gong and 3 Unconventional World Class Training Methods to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!

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