Dan Brulé: The Benefits of Breathing Exercises

The “Bruce Lee of Breath”, Dan Brulé, explains the advantages of his breath therapy which he has developed through 40 years of practice and research. Dan Brulé’s wealth of knowledge has enabled him to assist international motivational speaker Tony Robbins and grow into his most influential advisor. 

Dan Brulé has helped train more than 150,000 people in over 60 countries with breathing techniques and breathwork for personal improvement. This breath therapy has evolved into a process to help people overcome fears, anger, and anxieties. Intrigued? So were we!  Follow on to find out more in The Benefits of Breathing Exercises with Dan Brulé!

The Development of Dan’s Breathwork

In the past, Dan Brulé had suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and admits that breathing has fundamentally changed in people with such conditions. He mentioned that the breathing system in the average person had suffered damage by shock, trauma, and unnatural behaviors. 

His breathing therapy aims to restore the mind, which breathwork, affecting the body can heal. While discussion therapy can allow people to heal through releasing traumas during sessions, Dan said breath therapy is a much quicker alternative, because it heals and restores a person’s breath mechanism. 

The breath specialist acknowledges that various breathing techniques can help your body alongside physical treatments, but many approaches exist only as therapies.

A few years ago, I began seeing a therapist who encouraged me to use talk therapy but guided me through mindfulness exercises at the end of each session. As a response to trauma, I turned into an angry person, but these mindfulness exercises changed me. After a year of mindfulness treatments, I had returned to a much calmer version of myself and felt more resilient.

Redirecting Energy with Meditation

While Dan Brulé views society as an interconnected world, he recognizes that breathing is a connection between the mind and the body, which we can all access. Dan says he can heal his body and mind through breathwork, and as he releases a breath, he has learnt to redirect his energy. His breath acts as if it ‘catches’ the tensions, and when he takes a deep breath, it has the potential to release those tensions.

While browsing at the shops, I picked up a book called “Quiet” by Paul Wilson. It seemed interesting and wasn’t the typical ‘learn to do meditation’ book. I began skimming through the pages, fascinated with the quietness of the outback described in it. 

I had previously experienced trips to the Australian outback before, and I wanted to learn more about the ‘quiet’ described in the book. This author viewed the outback as a peaceful and tranquil setting, allowing him to form transcendental beliefs about the landscape. 

I hadn’t heard about this experience before, so I bought the book. I discovered throughout the book that meditation could be a simple activity, such as acknowledging each breath you take and noticing your surroundings. Soon, I became hooked on learning more about breathwork and its benefits.

Breathing Awareness Opens Possibilities

Dan Brulé says that coherent breathing techniques may lower cortisol, and blood pressure etc. He mentions while different methods and types of meditation schools exist, a massive variety of breathwork can be found worldwide.

Dan admits breathwork is about raising awareness. When people use these methods, they can ‘step into a different consciousness’ seeing things not previously seen before, which shifts their mindsets. 

Dan says when we take a deep breath, stretch, and use movement, it can increase our lung capacity, proving to have many benefits. Practising various breathing processes can lead us to ‘fight off’ unwanted unconscious thoughts. 

Expanding our consciousness by using breathwork opens possibilities to redivert our energy in a more positive direction. If we become more conscious of the breath, it creates a breath awareness and allows the breath to witness our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. People can learn to practice whatever breathwork suits their needs, as Dan Brulé suggests.

I have learnt that simple guided mindfulness exercises can start to restore improper breath mechanisms in my body. Sometimes if I’m stressed, I may listen to alpha wave music and let myself tune into the beta waves – which is a thoughtful alternative to meditation. I don’t tend to think I’m a “meditator”; I am a person who has learnt breathing techniques to show myself that an alternative exists for being angry or stressed.

While Dan Brulé is known as the “Breath Master”, he has adapted techniques throughout his studies on breathwork from various cultures. His breathwork techniques have proven that breathing is an effective, and versatile method for therapy. Despite many cultures incorporating breathing methods into their daily lives, Dan Brulé understands the scientific benefits of these techniques. Have you practiced breathwork before and experienced the results of using these techniques?

Check out his two eye-opening books: Shut Up and Breathe which is available as a FREE PDF,  and Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork, which is available from Amazon! If you’re interested, you can also get one simple, special, yet highly effective, and free breathing technique here!

Jeannie White

Jeannie White lives in Adelaide, Australia. Her lifelong passion is running and she enjoys it as an endurance sport. Her running interests began in her teenage years, and she entered community events. Jeannie is interested in learning about health and realizes the particular importance of nutrition as she experienced health implications as a child. As her parents live on farms, she understands the benefits of sound nutrition!

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