5 Super Effective Bodyweight Circuits!

Everybody wants to be in great shape, but not everybody can get to a gym or afford a gym membership. This is where bodyweight training takes precedence. Combine the convenience of callisthenics with the principles of “Circuit Training” (body conditioning or endurance training or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics) and you get endless workout combinations tailored to your individual fitness needs. Read on below for our 5 Super Effective Bodyweight Circuits!

1. The Spartan 300 – Cardio/Basic strength foundation.
Do every exercise for 10-30 reps/in 10-30 seconds until you reach 300.

  • 10-30 burpees
  • 10-30 pushups (you choose the variation)
  • 30-second wall sit
  • Rest NO MORE than 1 minute

2. Static Shock – Intense isometric exercises (great for building dense, toned muscle).
Do every exercise for 30 seconds for 3-5 sets. As you get stronger, keep adding 5-10 seconds to each exercise.

  • 30-second plank
  • 30-second wall sit
  • Slow, controlled pushups (take a 3 count to complete)

3. Beast Mode – This workout of 5-15 sets is not for the faint of heart! (It will train every aspect of your fitness.)

  • 20-second bear crawl
  • 30-second walk
  • 20-second burpees
  • walk 30 seconds
  • Sprint 12 seconds
  • Rest 1 minute

4. Core Cracker – Exactly as it says on the tin!
Start at 25 seconds/reps for each exercise, and continue to decrease the number of reps by 1 until your form suffers considerably. Rest no more than 90 seconds between each set.

  • Plank 25 seconds
  • 25 crunches
  • Plank
  • V ups
  • Mountain climbers

5. Simple Self Domination – The simplest workout. Do each exercise as fast and explosively as you can with proper form.

  • 10 pushups
  • 10 squats
  • 10 situps
  • 12-second sprint/burpees
  • Rest 1 minute

These workouts cover many solid basics of fitness, including strength, explosiveness, core stability, as well as anaerobic (muscular) and aerobic (cardio) conditioning. With these exercises alone, you will shed fat and build a lean, athletic body. Are you feeling up to the challenge? What are your fave bodyweight circuits or exercises? Let us know below, on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Bryan Richardson

Inspired by his early life adversities and the desire to help others, Bryan who currently serves in the US Forces aspires to become a Light Heavyweight boxing champion and start a gym that specialises in conscious human development. Bryan likes researching useful info and insights that can be applied to his and others' lives. When he's not feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he's found either in the boxing ring, on the dance floor, or busy downing some Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food"!

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