Women & Weight Training: 5 Hacks to Get You into the Iron Game!

How does it feel when you see a woman deadlift double her bodyweight, or squat 100kg? Doesn’t it make you want to give it a go, doesn’t it encourage you to start getting into lifting? Weightlifting is undoubtedly one of the best methods to improve your health, but very few can deadlift double their bodyweight in the beginning. Everyone starts with light weights and builds-up their strength.

However, before they even start to train, an array of doubts and fears crosses every woman’s mind. These doubts stop a lot of women dead in their tracks from even getting started! If this sounds like you, don’t worry – here are a few ways that will you on your lifting journey. Read on for Women & Weight Training: 5 Hacks to Get You into the Iron Game!

1. Social Media

In this era of digital learning and interaction, social media can help resolve a few of the doubts surrounding women and weight training. YouTube has a lot of beginners Q&A videos, answered by professionals. Facebook has pages that talk about lifting, once you post your questions there, they’ll be answered by real people who went through the same phase. Instagram has #womenliftingweights and #womentraining that will encourage and build-up your confidence to lift.

2. Talking to a Professional

To resolve any of your personal queries, one can always approach professionals. Trainers are the most qualified individuals to answer any weightlifting questions. You can get in touch with a trainer either via social media or at the gym with your doubts, and receive a reliable answer. They might even guide you at the beginning of your journey to correct your posture and create a workout plan.

3. Consult Your Doctor

Even though weightlifting is widely known to be beneficial to our health, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor before starting this kind of training. With the knowledge of your history and present health condition, they can provide you good advice in the context of your own personal health. They can also help eliminate any health concerns you might have related to training.

4. Start Small, Start Light

Don’t expect to enter the free weights area and start out with 10kg dumbbells straight out of the gate! Everyone starts with light weights, say for example a 1 or 2.5kg dumbbell. Getting a good feel of the weight as well as the correct posture is crucial,

Without this basic physical awareness you won’t get the most out of your time and energy invested into training and might cause yourself an injury, ie., damaging a specific muscle. If it helps, starting out with bodyweight training is an excellent way to begin to establish a mind-body-muscle connection. Check out a few videos on YouTube which has a lot beginners’ workouts and posture correction videos; they can definitely increase your knowledge and awareness.

5. Block Negativity

There are a lot of naysayers who might discourage the idea of women and weight training. This is mostly because they lack the knowledge related to weightlifting and its real-life benefits, as well as harbouring old, outmoded and stereotypical ideas. Also, as an individual, a woman might have negative thoughts about her actual lifting abilities. it’s best to block those thoughts. Any negative thought, comment or advice should be ignored. Lifting is for everyone; and no special talent is required to get into weightlifting as an stimulating, gratifying lifestyle hobby.

Don’t let doubts, concerns and fear stop you from trying something new. Ask professionals for help, connect with like-minded people on social media, get to know their opinions and how they started out (from small steps, from light weights) on their journey. Weightlifting might look intimidating in the beginning, but it helps build confidence and strength at the same time. There’s nothing quite like it. Allow me, to give you the push and, if I humbly may, the permission, as a woman who lifts to take the leap as I have. I can assure you, lifting will not disappoint! 

If you’re female and thinking about getting into weight training check out this personal account from female fitness trainer, Natalie Epstein. For men, check out KFK’s exclusive man of steel: Alan Riseborough’s articles! Let us know your favourite Workouts With Weights (or, WWW) in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Riya Moitra

Riya's weight training is her passion. She trains heavy because it makes her feel empowered, confident and positive. Training helps her stay motivated, improving her mental and emotional well-being as well as giving her the courage to keep moving forward. She aims to promote the benefits of strength training for women as it has completely changed her life for the better. She sees it as an act of self-care, and every woman deserves this care.

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