10 Foods You Think Are Healthy, but Actually Aren’t!

The idea of health is a funny one. It’s so personal as to what one deems to be healthy. Whether its practices, routines, exercise or how we fuel our body, there is no clear-cut answer to “is this good for me?” Regardless, when we enter the supermarket we are met with the ‘healthy’ section and we’re here to tell you, some of those things will do more harm than good. Read on to find out about these 10 Foods You Think Are Healthy, but Actually Aren’t!

1. Pre-Packaged Salads

When we’re in a rush and need to grab a quick lunch, the pre-packaged salad seems like the most nutritious choice. Yet while the vegetables themselves are probably fine, just a tad wilted for our liking, the problem lies in the dressing. It’s packed full of preservatives, unhealthy fats and a calorific tag that would scare even the most careless eater.

2. Vegetable Crisps

When we want a snack but still want to keep to our principles, many people grab packs of baked vegetable crisps. While they’re better than the alternative generic packets, they’re still highly processed and coated in oil. Grab a bag of popcorn instead or snack on something more nutritious if you can.

3. Granola

Adulthood! When we upgrade from Rice Krispies to granola. Who doesn’t love the crunch of the baked oat clusters and dry fruit? Your gut might not as they’re packed in processed sugars and dunked in oil before baking to give them that crisp shell. Try to make your own at home, it’s easy, fun and definitely healthier than buying them in bulk.

4. Spreads

Jams, nut butters and marmalades, the companions of toast. It’s a match made in heaven, but their sugar and salt contents are something closer forged in hell’s kitchen. Make sure to check the labels, looking for keywords like ‘pure’ or ‘unprocessed’ to make the healthiest choices.

5. Breakfast Bars

In itself, the belief that one bar can be a substitute for a whole meal is faulted. Especially as these bars are filled with processed sugars and empty calories. Set aside 10 minutes and make yourself a proper breakfast, stay fuller for longer and treat your body right!

6. Microwave Oatmeal

Oatmeal takes a few minutes on the stove anyway, so the need for an ‘instant’ version is beyond us. Ditch the ‘just add water’ packets and get yourself an uncompromised 1kg bag. It’s more cost-effective and you can be sure that no additives find their way into your body.

7. Fruit Juice

A glass of OJ in the morning? Perhaps it’s the picturesque breakfast companion. But have you ever thought what other chemicals are mixed within the carton? Sugars, stabilisers and other additives fill your body first things in the morning. Check if it’s 100% pure or, if not, we’ll take the glass of water instead I think…

8. Margarine

A spread in itself, masquerades as the top tier option compared to butter. Yet still, it’s filled to the brim with refined vegetable oils. While butter has a high percentage of saturated fat, in moderation it is a whole food that can be good for you. Make sure to read the label of your preference, the choice is yours just make sure to indulge in moderation.

9. Vegan Junk Food

Just by virtue of being in the ‘free from’ section does not make vegan food inherently healthier or better for you. Junk food is still junk food and should be consumed in moderation. It still may be highly processed and factory-made. They may be replacements for generic snacks, but not for your staple, whole foods.

10. Roasted Nuts

We all know that nuts are a great source of protein, among other beneficial nutrients. They’re definitely a super food. But if you’re snacking on nuts coated in BBQ seasoning or roasted in honey what you’re actually ingesting is brown sugar, butter or salt…pass!

So, there you have it, a list of 10 foods which you might have thought are healthy, but actually aren’t! Were you surprised by anything on the list? Do you need to take a closer look at your food buying choices? What other foods might you be into that you think on second thought, should be eschewed? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram!

Paulina Utnik

Paulina is a BA Journalism student from London with a passion for considerate consumption, practising mindfulness and alternative wellness. She has a passion for food and has been a dedicated vegetarian for four years, beginning her journey as a sixteen-year-old. Since then, she has been learning about nutrition and her body and gradually evolving as a cook. She enjoys trying out new food trends, recreating popular restaurant dishes at home and meat substitutes as well as discovering ways to share her passion with others through her Instagram page: @paulina.utnik!

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