How to Recover from Surgery Quickly

No matter what type of surgery you're planning to have, or need to undergo, many of us have work commitments and families to look after, meaning you will want to be back on your feet as quickly as possible. Once you have been discharged, it’s important that you get plenty of rest, but if you're ...

Interview with Dr Thuli Whitehouse

Dr. Thuli Whitehouse is an NHS GP, social prescribing advocate, mom and yoga instructor. She is working tirelessly to bring the many psychophysical and wellness benefits of yoga into mainstream healthcare practice. Her reasons for doing so include educating patients toward more personalised ...

Bye Bye Candida, Hello Abs!

Title: Bye Bye Candida, Hello Abs!  How to Beat the Yeast in Just 12 Weeks! Author: Elle Energy Year: 2017 Publisher: Bybliotech Synopsis: Guide to beating the Candida yeast parasite with a focused diet. Review: This book is the ultimate vindication for anyone who has felt sure that ...

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