Top 5 Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts!

Grown on lush, green trees in the south eastern and south central regions of America and Mexico pecans have an impressive nutrition content. This small nut is filled with 11 essential vitamins and minerals and healthy fats, which are important for optimum health. Read on below for our Top 5 Health Benefits of Pecan Nuts!

1. Cancer fighter
Pecans are rich in phytochemicals such as elegiac acid, vitamin E, beta-carotene, the list goes on…! These nutrients play a vital role in the removal of harmful toxins from the body thereby protecting your body from diseases, cancers and infections. They also contain oleic acid, a fatty acid which is known to reduce breast cancer.

2. Vitamin E
Pecans are an excellent source of vitamin E which is a powerful fat soluble natural antioxidant that boosts your immune system, improves blood flow and helps maintain a healthy heart whilst promoting tissue repair.

3. Energy and weight loss
Eating a diet moderately high in plant-based fats can be very beneficial, keeping you feeling full for longer, lowering stress levels and aiding weight loss. Pecans are rich in oleic acid as mentioned, which is the healthy fat found in olives and avocados. They are a good source of vitamin B3 which also helps access the energy in our food which in turn helps to fight fatigue.

4. Healthy skin
Like most nuts, pecans are rich in zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, folate and phosphorus which all play an important role in maintaining your skin’s health. Zinc helps keep your skin free of infection; vitamin A, an antioxidant gives you a clear complexion and protects against sun damage. The appearance of our skin stems from not only what we put on our bodies but mostly what we put into them. These nutrients help eliminate toxins and waste from the body and by extension improve our skin strength, quality, tone and elasticity.

5. Stimulates hair growth
Anaemia is the result of iron deficiency in the body and one of the symptoms is hair loss. Pecans are high in iron which helps improve your blood iron levels. Pecans also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which when applied topically helps treat male pattern baldness and encourages healthy hair growth. (Hair Guard explains low iron levels and hair loss, in more detail.)

Raw pecans like most nuts can be eaten alone, salted or sweetened and are found in almost every grocery store, supermarket or health shop. The high fat content they possess makes them a delicious addition in baked cakes, or making homemade nut milk or butter. Got a fave pecan recipe, let us know below or @ Keep fit Kingdom !

Samantha Nicks

Samantha is a South African living in London who has radically shifted her lifestyle. From following her passion and obtaining a degree in fashion to focusing her energy on health and wellness. She recently became a certified yoga instructor, developing her passion for inspiring young individuals to live a healthy lifestyle in a bustling city. In her spare time she loves to travel, get outdoors, explore nature, practice yoga and run. She also likes to cook and eat delicious vegan food!

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  1. I love pecan nuts – I do feel they add to my energy, thank you!

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