Top 5 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a type of grass that looks like the grass growing in your back yard, but it’s not. Actually, wheatgrass comes from the wheat plant and is also called “baby wheat”. Although the name might suggest that the grass contains wheat and therefore also gluten, it’s actually 100 % gluten-free. Wheatgrass is super-nutritious and possesses lots of health-giving effects. The grass, they say, is ‘greener over the hedge’, and wheatgrass is probably as green as it gets. Keep reading to learn how nutritious it actually is in our Top 5 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass!

1. Strengthens skin health

Wheatgrass helps to counteract various skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

2. Powerful detoxing action

Wheatgrass is great for detoxifying the body and ingesting it brings about a vigorous cleansing effect. It’s also high in fibre which helps to create excellent gastrointestinal balance.

3. Contains alkaline-forming minerals

These help to normalise the pH balance in our bodies. Ideally, we’re not supposed to be too alkali or too acidic, but based on how we live and eat today, we tend to be over-acidified. This is detrimental to our health and inevitably brings disease in its wake. Drinking wheat grass helps to restore this much-needed balance.

4. Relieves symptoms of ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis basically means ‘bleeding colon inflammation’. It’s an auto-immune inflammatory bowel disease that affects only the large intestine and rectum. The inflammation is caused by the body’s immune system starting to attack its own tissue. According to several studies, drinking one shot of wheatgrass a day on an empty stomach is reported to ease pain and inflammation.

5. Improves mental health & relieves symptoms of depression

Thanks to the volume of chlorophyll in wheatgrass, you get plenty of oxygen which increases the vital processes of oxygenation in the blood. This is highly desirable and required for optimum brain function.

From personal experience, I can vouch that there’s nothing left to think about – it’s a no-brainer! So just go ahead and let wheatgrass do its thing and help your body heal, regain and maintain superbly robust health.

You can usually buy fresh wheatgrass from major and smaller health stores or instead opt to grow them yourself at home. Besides that, you can also buy wheatgrass in powder form, which probably is the most common form of use. Most people drink the fresh product as a cold-pressed juice-shot, in a smoothie or as a mixture with water. Someone once told me “the more disgusting you think it tastes, the more you need it – so drink up!”. I can only speak for myself and I really, really need it. Try it and let’s see what your taste buds tell you! Fan of wheatgrass? What health benefits have you noticed since taking it? What is your fave wheatgrass smoothie recipe? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

Pepita Andersson

Pepita from Sweden, is a certified nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a passion for food and mental health. With a burning interest in both nutrition and the human brain, she strives to increase understanding of how these are strongly related. She wants to guide people on how to create a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle – the goal being to achieve a constant state of love and caring for their minds and bodies.

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