Top 5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt!

Himalayan Salt is a form of salt that is hand mined from ancient sea beds and is untainted by modern environmental toxins.  It is believed to be the purest salt found on earth and comes in varying shades of pink, red and white, due to its rich, varied mineral and iron content.  There are various advantages in switching to it and to help you decide, read on as we’ve sifted out the Top 5 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt!

1. Contains 80+ minerals and elements
Himalayan salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body.  Some of these minerals include sodium chloride, sulphate, magnesium, calcium and potassium.  These minerals aid many functions in the body such as increasing hydration, balancing electrolytes and pH, preventing muscle cramps, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and strengthening bones, to mention a few.

2. Naturally contains iodine
One of the 84 minerals that Himalayan salt naturally contains is iodine.  In contrast, highly processed table salt is missing over 80 minerals and iodine is put back into it artificially. We need sufficient iodine to prevent diseases or conditions such as goiter, hypothyroidism, stunted physical and mental growth and certain forms of cancer.  It makes sense to consume unrefined “raw” Himalayan salt that already contains iodine, alongside an abundance of other minerals.

3. Less sodium per serving
It is recommended that an average adult’s salt intake does not exceed a teaspoon (2300mg) of salt per day.  When consuming Himalayan salt, there is less sodium intake per serving than table salt because it is less refined.  The large crystals take up less space on a teaspoon than tiny processed table salt grains do.

4. Powerful detoxifier
Himalayan salt can be used in several applications to have a detoxification effect.  One popular detox solution is known as “sole”, which is concentrated, electrically charged water that has been fully saturated with Himalayan salt.  Sole detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH.  Another way to use Himalayan salt as a detoxifier is to add the salt to a bath.  The salt helps draw out toxins, cleanses the skin and energetically cleanses the whole body.

5. Increases hydration
When Himalayan salt is consumed in the concentrated solution “sole”, it can significantly aid hydration.  The addition of salt to the water allows your body to effectively absorb and assimilate the water that you are drinking and it also helps regulate the overall water content of the body.

Himalayan Salt can be used in many ways to benefit our health and wellbeing, whether it’s through consumption, air purification (in the form of salt lamps) or muscle soaks, to name but just a few.  If this article made you consider the importance of using unrefined salt, try adding Himalayan salt to your diet or lifestyle and you’ll soon start reaping the benefits!

Amy Savage

Amy is an ethical vegan with a passion for all things health, food and fitness related. She enjoys ballet, yoga, long distance walking and skiing and also loves experimenting with 'cruelty free' culinary creations. Amy initially changed her diet and lifestyle for health reasons and now possesses a wide knowledge on raw, vegan and fruitarian lifestyles. She believes that balance is the key to good health!

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