Top 5 Health Benefits of Eating a High-Protein Breakfast!

It’s no surprise that eating breakfast is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, according to the British Dietetic Association, up to a third of Britons skip breakfast. Although cereals still make up 89% of the bulk of breakfast choices in the UK, people are looking elsewhere for alternatives. Read on for our Top 5 Health Benefits of Eating a High-Protein Breakfast!

1. Early eating boosts productivity
Eating a meal every morning can have a dramatic effect on your long-term health and well-being. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, providing all the nutrients your body needs to keep you going throughout the day. Guidelines suggest you should consume between 20-30 grams of protein with breakfast. Check out these protein breakfasts that can power you through the morning!

2. Encourages weight loss
There’s a common assumption that missing the first meal of the day is an effective way to lose weight, but that can cause you to overeat at other mealtimes. Protein digestion boosts muscle metabolism. Increased muscle metabolism encourages your body to run leaner, in turn, your body burns more calories, breaking down fat faster. Combine protein with breakfast and you’re increasing the number of calories your body can burn throughout the day. Eating protein at breakfast also helps appetite control, blocking the number of hunger hormones, such as ghrelin reaching your brain. Less need to snack and over‑eat, meaning a slimmer, healthier you.

3. Better food choices
If you feel fuller because you ate breakfast, you’re more likely to make healthier food choices throughout the day. Those who don’t eat breakfast have been found to refrain from eating fruits and vegetables, which can lead to weight gain but more importantly a lack of the correct nutrients needed in a balanced diet. When you consume high-protein sources, you take in other nutrients like iron, vitamin C, calcium and fibre, depending on the protein source you eat.

4. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes & heart disease
Choosing a high-protein breakfast not only fuels your metabolism but it decreases your resistance to insulin. Insulin is needed to help your body use glucose to provide energy for basic activities. Insulin resistance is associated with increased risk of diabetes which is a chronic condition that can lead to serious complications, associated with heart disease and high blood pressure.

5. Strengthens your bones
Studies show a high protein diet makes you less likely to suffer from osteoporosis and fractures, which is important for women who are more at risk of this the older they get. Opting for protein in your breakfast is encouraged to maintain strong bones.

While a protein breakfast offers a number of health benefits, it’s important to choose high-protein options that don’t contain excess fat. Opt for lean proteins like egg whites, skimmed milk, protein powder or low-fat yogurt. Inspired to add protein to your breakfast but stuck on what to eat? Check out these high-protein breakfast recipes for some great ideas! Let us know what high protein recipes have worked for you below or @ KeepfitKingdom !

Rebecca Miller

Rebecca is an accredited multimedia journalist, recently graduated from Bournemouth University. With a keen interest in writing and being food obsessed, she is always on the look out for the latest restaurant pop-ups and food trends within the industry as well as her next new meal! Alongside this she enjoys working out regularly and has recently explored yoga. Rebecca is currently working freelance across London. Check out her online portfolio at or get in touch via her social media!

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