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Heart Disease: 5 Ways Exercise Can Prevent It!

In the UK around 7.6 million people are afflicted with heart and circulatory diseases, with 450 people dying every day as a consequence of these diseases. Therefore, it is really important to do as much as we can to fight this and prevent countless of preventable deaths while at the same time ...

Vegan Food & Fibre: 3 Things You Must Know!

Government guidelines recommend 30g of fibre per day to sustain a healthy, balanced diet, however evidence shows that the average adult consumes less than 20g daily. Our previous articles; Top 5 Super Cheap High-Fibre Vegetables and Top 5 Health Benefits of Dietary Fibre, discussed the importance ...

On Your Bike! Top 6 Benefits of Cycling

Cycling brings with it an array of benefits and although the cost of a bike can vary from the very basic budget bikes, (around £80-£120) to more specialist bikes (around the £400-£1,000 mark and upwards), cycling, even with the most basic bike still brings wonderful health benefits. Now that ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Arjuna

Arjuna or Arjuna Terminalia, is extracted from the bark of the reddish 80-90ft tall Arjuna tree and is native to India. Arjuna is named after the famed archer and warrior disciple of Lord Krishna, 'Arjuna' from the ancient Indian epic metaphysical treatise, The Mahabharata. It has been used in ...

How to Destroy Disease

Let's get to the bottom line fast, people are sick of being sick — taking medicine, prescription drugs, losing days or months or even years of their lives to heart disease, cancer and the slow burn of depression. Who really wants to spend (the very limited) time they have on Earth investing ...

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