Top 5 Health Benefits of Basil Seeds!

Basil seeds, also known as ‘sabja seeds’ or ‘sweet basil seeds’, come from the well-known basil plant. Originating in India, the many health benefits and uses of these small black seeds has spread across to other countries in Asia. High in vitamins and minerals, they have been used for centuries to cure or relieve the symptoms of many different ailments. Much like chia seeds, they can be consumed dry or soaked in water to form a pleasant gel substance which is most commonly added to drinks. Read on to discover our Top 5 Health Benefits of Basil Seeds!

1. Promotes a healthy digestive system
These little seeds are great for all kinds of stomach upsets and are often used to help relieve symptoms of food poisoning. Being high in fibre means they help keep the digestive system working efficiently. A diet sufficient in fibre means a healthy gut and overall improved digestion and thus, wellbeing.

2. Healthy hair
Basil seeds are high in many of the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair. They are high in protein and since protein is hair’s main constituent, ingesting these seeds helps to keep your hair strong. Linoleic acid which basil seeds contain has also been affiliated with hair loss, prevention.

3. Aids weight loss
As mentioned, basil seeds are high in fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer. When added to water, the seeds swell and form a gel like substance which can keep you satiated. Drink it before a meal and you may find you end up eating less overall. Compared to other more well-known seeds (chia, flax etc) basil seeds are considerably lower in fat.

4. Keeps you cool
Having been exposed to many hot summers, Indians fast realised the cooling benefits of basil seeds. It has been noted that they have the ability to absorb body heat when ingested, lowering core body temperature. Why not add a couple of spoonfuls of soaked basil seeds to your drinks for an extra cooling effect?

5. Cough remedy
Basil seeds have antispasmodic properties which means they help relieve respiratory spasms that come with a cough. The antimicrobial properties help fight off infection too. Try boiling them and adding some honey and ginger for a brew that will help you on your way to wellness.

These seeds can be found at most Asian supermarkets or online but can come under the names; ‘Sabja seeds’ or ‘Tukmaria’. They don’t have a distinct flavour so can be added to any juices or food without altering the taste. People have described their texture as popping juice bubbles – they are literally bursting with nutrients!  Tell us what you think of basil seeds below or @ KeepFitKingdom ! 

Kristen Ivie

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