4 Great Healthy-Eating Travel Tips!

How do your eating habits change when you’re travelling? Do you let go of all of them or do you stay rigid? For me it’s important to maintain my eating the best way possible, otherwise I find myself out of balance – both mentally and physically. If you want to know how I stay healthy, sans too much hard work, keep reading for these 4 Great Healthy-Eating Travel Tips!

I always find it interesting how we tend to view weekends and holidays as opportunities to “escape”. Between these times, we do and eat things we feel like we NEED to instead of what we WANT to, only so that we can ‘let loose’ during our vacations. I didn’t enjoy living life like that – so I decided to make a change. After learning more about nutrition and what healthy eating actually means (at least to me) I realised that all of those things I want to eat can also be things that are good for my body.

Therefore, I eat like I want to all the time – which means healthy, even during weekends and holidays. Of course there might be some things out of my control when I’m on the road but I’m perfectly fine with that these days, since eating healthy is no longer about control but about the desire to feel good from inside and out.

I think this is an important mindset to have in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout life. Below, in these healthy-eating travel tips, I will list other handy suggestions of how to make it easier when you’re travelling:

1. Plan your snacks in advance

When you know you’ll have long journey ahead with lots of travelling, this is a great thing to do. I always bring nuts and fruits when I’m going somewhere because I know it’s not easy to find healthy food at airports. Also, it’s very expensive so you might want to care for your wallet as well as your body.

2. Don’t be too restrictive!

Be flexible but not to the point where you just go for the worst alternative. There will almost always be good enough choices on your journey, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Just do the best you can – with your options, that in itself is perfect given the circumstances.

3. Be openminded and explore the country you’re visiting

Most often, people outside of western societies know so much about nature, vegetables, herbs and fruits. They know their food in a way we usually don’t. Ask questions, learn and let your curiosity guide you to try new things.

4. ASK for healthier options!

If you prefer vegetables amongst your food instead of other perhaps less healthy elements, or would like to replace a given standard menu component  – ASK for it! Nine times out of ten, I manage to get an alternative healthier dish to what’s on the menu.

More often than not, I find myself eating super-healthy when I’m visiting new destinations because of their freshly-made local food. I’m also open to trying things that might not ordinarily be my first choice health-wise, but without overindulging those. My goal is always to return with new experiences and inspiration, rather than a food-and-drink hangover. Last but not least, move your beautiful body even when you’re on vacation! Been overseas lately? How did it go with your food choices? Let us know your challenges and tips in the comments below and follow the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram

Pepita Andersson

Pepita from Sweden, is a certified nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a passion for food and mental health. With a burning interest in both nutrition and the human brain, she strives to increase understanding of how these are strongly related. She wants to guide people on how to create a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle – the goal being to achieve a constant state of love and caring for their minds and bodies.

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