Medical Benefits of CBD — infographic

There’s an increasing buzz surrounding the topic of CBD oil with 7% of Americans already using some kind of CBD-based product, and 40% considering using it. Want to find out if it will leave you buzzed, or if it can actually treat certain conditions? Then, we hope you’ll find this Medical Benefits of CBD — infographic helpful!

Part of the reason for this oil’s increase in popularity is that its use has been legalized in various states for example in the United States. There is also a huge amount of ongoing publicity on the issue – whether for or against. Either way, CBD has stepped out of the closet and onto the world stage.

While scientific studies are surprisingly few in number, some promising results have already been seen. There’s also plenty of anecdotal evidence on the medical benefits of CBD from converts around the world. The oil has been proclaimed generally safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) and found to be useful in the treatment of several types of anxiety disorders.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. There are plenty of unpleasant stories too. Most of these stem from the use of products that have been contaminated or that simply don’t have enough of the active ingredient to be of benefit.

That doesn’t mean that the oil itself is bad, but it does give out a warning that consumers have to exercise caution when buying these products. So, is CBD oil the cure-all that some people claim it to be? Check out the infographic below to help you take the next step in your decision-making process.

CBD Infographic - Keep Fit Kingdom

CBD Infographic – Keep Fit Kingdom

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