Vegetarian to Vegan: 5 Simple Steps!

The first steps into veganism can be the most daunting and challenging! A vegan diet can have many different advantages and has been said to help many conditions and illnesses. This is why more and more people today are making the transition. So have you had thoughts about changing to a vegan lifestyle and feel ready to take the first step? Then keep reading to make your transition easier in Vegetarian to Vegan: 5 Simple Steps!

1. Learn about the differences between a Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle

We all know what a vegetarian diet consists of but for most people the thought of a vegan diet can be confusing! Vegetarians exclude meat from their diets. Vegans however also extend this by excluding anything that is animal-derived; this includes: dairy, eggs, honey, and even makeup and beauty products that contain animal ingredients or are tested on animals.

2. Replace Your Favourite Dairy Products with a Vegan Alternative

Start by just swapping ONE of your usual dairy products with the plant-based alternative. There are many different alternatives today, which means it might take a while to find your favourite. If you don’t like one, try a different one. Take some time to find your favourite vegan milk for example before moving onto your next swap of vegan cheese.

3. Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Nutrition

Some people forget to replace the nutrition that they’re cutting out. So make sure you’re getting enough protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, Omega-3 and B12. Most of these can be found in fruits and vegetables. However, Omega-3 and B12 are best taken as an additional supplement. This is because Omega-3 is harder to absorb from plants and B12 is not found in a plant lifestyle.

4. Stock up on the Vegan Basics

The easiest step to making the switch is to start buying the basics. So these are foods such as vegan milk, tofu, vegetables, nuts, fruit, lentils, beans, quinoa, chickpeas, soups, pasta, noodles, potatoes etc. From these staple foods you can start to create a range of basic meals.

5. Don’t be too Tough on Yourself (Everyone Makes Mistakes)!

The last important step is to not put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t worry if you get tempted by a non-vegan food item or make a mistake thinking something is vegan when it actually isn’t – we all make mistakes!

This lifestyle can take a while to adapt to, so don’t worry if you take a while to adjust. It’s all a learning process, but don’t let this deter you from your ultimate goal. A vegan lifestyle is a life-altering one in so many positive ways (healthwise, environmentally and ethically) so make sure to look after yourself on the journey! Are you a vegetarian now, and looking to switch to veganism? We’d love to hear your story so far! So let us know in the comments below and follow the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram and while you’re rethinking your diet choices, don’t forget to Keep Your Fit ON!

Gemma Stevens

Gemma is a music technology graduate, who has been vegan for over 5 years! She became vegetarian 11 years ago and then transitioned to a fully Vegan lifestyle. She is very passionate about animals and the environment and this is what has inspired her to help - she loves to use her experience to help people on their vegan journey.

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