Top 5 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato!

Sweet potatoes are readily available, inexpensive, tasty and very good for you. If you thought that chips can’t be good for your cardiovascular system and blood pressure, well, the sweet potato variety is at your rescue  read on for our Top 5 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato!

1. Blood sugar
Sweet potato has a medium glycaemic index, (GI) but recent research has shown that it is related to an increase in blood levels of adiponectin. This hormone is essential for correct insulin metabolism, and is usually low in people with Type-2 diabetes. Therefore, it’s a good replacement for rice or other carbohydrates.

 2. Vision
Sweet potatoes are extraordinarily high in beta-carotenes, providing in one serving, 100% of your vitamin A RDA and is highly correlated with healthy vision helping you to keep macular degeneration and cataracts at bay. It is also used in skin creams due to its antioxidant properties.

3. High fibre
According to Research by the Cleveland Clinic, sweet potatoes are one of the world’s top sources of dietary fibre, essential for a healthy digestive tract helping decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. They also help to maintain water balance.

4. Immunity
Sweet potatoes offer provide you with a high dose of iron and vitamin C, two nutrients essential for a strong immune system, and folate, which can prevent certain birth defects in pregnant women.

 5. Keep you healthy!
These orangey tubers are also high in many other minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc and vitamin B complex. The combination of all of these helps to prevent cell damage and aging, ensuring proper functioning and maintenance of the entire body.

There are more than 300 varieties of sweet potato, each with different skin colours, textures and tastes! They are versatile and offer you endless options. You can try them steamed, grilled or pureed, and also add them to your salads and soups! Definitely worth trying, your body will certainly thank you for it. Why not give them a go and let us know what delicious and fun recipes you create @keepfitingdom ! 

Ines del Arenal

Inés is a biochemist and nutritionist that is profoundly convinced that healthy eating is the basis for well-being, energy and a positive attitude towards life. She is very energetic, sporty and takes her fitness lifestyle seriously. She is also passionate about cooking, discovering new products and is very creative working to develop new, balanced recipes that are accessible to all. Her philosophy is: don’t eat less, eat better!

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