Camel Milk: 4 Reasons to Give it a Try!

The interest in camel milk is growing due to its health properties, but some people are still understandably averse to the idea of drinking something they deem so unusual. Well I have news for you it’s not new and it’s not unusual, it’s actually been used in Middle Eastern, Asian and North African ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Cactus Fruit

Cactus fruit, also known as the ‘prickly pear’, is a fruit belonging to the cactus family. These fruits are native to the Southwestern regions of North America and Mexico and have been a staple in their diet for thousands of years. You shouldn’t be fooled by their appearance though, as this fruit ...

Top 5 Benefits of Bladderwrack and Sea Moss

There are several superfoods that originate from the sea, but two of them stand out as particularly interesting for thyroid function, Bladderwrack and Sea moss. They also have many other benefits. Bladderwrack is used in cooking in Japan, and as a flavouring in European cuisine. Sea moss, also ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil!

Cannabis oil or Cannabidiol made from the controversial marijuana plant, is gaining popularity worldwide. Cannabidiol oil, (CBD for short) unlike THC (the main psychoactive component in marijuana), is used to treat a number of conditions and does not give you the ‘high’ associated with normal ...

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Rugby!

Rugby offers a vast range of benefits and not just physical ones, it also has the ability to enhance social interaction, improve your state of mind and even mould you into a more improved version of yourself! Who would have thought that such a vigorous contact sport could offer so many benefits, to ...

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