Top 5 Health Benefits of Satsumas!

They’re sweet, juicy, a fantastic pick-me-up and refreshing source of multiple nutrients as well as one of the popular fruits on supermarket shelves. But, did you know how good satsumas actually are for you? Find out now in our Top 5 Health Benefits of Satsumas! 

1. Improve immunity
As a member of the citrus family, it is no surprise that satsumas have a high content of vitamin C. Having a high intake of vitamin C means a healthy functioning immune system. They contain about 44% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, helping safeguard you against colds and coughs.

2. Detoxifies the body
Satsumas are high in dietary fibre so they tend to bulk up in the digestive system. When they are passing through the digestive tract, they grab onto anti-microbial matter which can cause illness and infection, therefore purifying the blood. The juice can also be used to gently cleanse wounds (when diluted), acting as a barrier to external infections.

3. Promotes hair growth
If you are looking to grow your hair, these are one of the best fruits to consume. Satsumas are high in vitamin B12 and vitamin E, which are essential for the growth of healthy hair. These vitamins also act to protect your hair from the environment’s negative impact and delay the greying process.

4. Good for digestive health
Satsumas are high in fibre, making it easier to cleanse your digestive system. This fruit also has antiseptic properties, helping get rid of many harmful bacteria. Fibre absorbs water which helps regulate bowel movements and the buildup of harmful bacteria that can inflame and irritate the intestines and bowels.

5. Blood pressure regulation
Satsumas are high in potassium, a mineral which is needed to help regulate blood pressure. Potassium acts against the effects of sodium in the body, which is why those who suffer from high blood pressure are recommended to consume these types of fruit as they ease the flow of blood throughout the body.

Satsumas are readily available to buy in supermarkets in multipacks, dried pieces and in the form of essential oils and shower gels. If you happen to have a ‘cheat’ day, why not try something a little different such as the trifle recipe in the video above? You can substitute clementines for satsumas and safely indulge your sweet tooth while still getting one of your 5 a Day! Love satsumas? Tell us about it below or @KeepfitKingdom !

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  1. Are there any special differences compared to other kinds of oranges?

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