Chloe Ting Workouts: My Experience (Pros & Cons)

Chloe Ting is a 34-year old Australian YouTuber who has been a part of the YouTube scene since August 2011, specialising in health and fitness content. When demand in home workout videos increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chloe’s videos became everybody’s go-to. Her promising video thumbnails and bubbly personality encourage people to keep returning to work on their ideal body.

Due to high popularity, views increased exponentially due to people sharing their experience with her videos on YouTube and TikTok which spread the trend even further. As a result of this, her most popular YouTube videos reach tens of millions of views, the most popular reaching 247 million. But do the workouts actually work? Read on to find out in Chloe Ting Workouts: My Experience (Pros & Cons)!

Chloe encourages people by creating fun challenges such as the “2-Week Shred Challenge” as well as offering free, accessible workout programs available on her website. I was intrigued by the high popularity and promising content so therefore decided to try it for myself.

Chloe Ting: I Followed her “Get Abs in 2 WEEKS / Abs Workout Challenge” video

I completed this video every morning for the duration of two weeks as the video suggests, alongside a relatively healthy diet. The aim was to see if the videos were promising too much, if it was too good to be true and whether you actually see results.

After completing the two-week challenge I had formed opinions and thoughts on the challenge, good and bad, that I have listed below:


  • I genuinely felt stronger within my body, especially my core, and due to this the workout began to feel more achievable each time I completed it
  • I did see physical changes within my body such as a flatter stomach, less bloating and a more toned look
  • The video layout was encouraging, it is easy to follow and I particularly liked how you could see how far into the workout you had got to, indicated by the percentage bar


  • I do feel the whole video concept promises a little too much. The video suggests that if you only follow this video for two weeks you’ll achieve abs. This excludes factors such as diet, BMI, and body fat percentage
  • I felt towards the end of the two weeks I was getting too familiar with each exercise which weren’t targeting any other additional muscles so felt I had to complete another workout to reach and train those other muscles

One of the many popular trends that stemmed from the lockdown as a result of COVID-19, amongst at-home haircuts and banana bread, has been a major increase in ‘at-home’ workouts. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Chloe Ting’s workouts as they can help you achieve results. She’s extremely motivational and understands what her audience requires and provides a huge variety of workouts to suit all levels.

Are you a fan of Chloe Ting’s Workouts? Who is your go-to social or YouTube influencer? Let us know what results you’ve achieved in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram and stay encouraged to KEEP Your Fit ON!

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