3 Top Unconventional World Class Training Methods!

Conventional weight-lifting, jogging, sprinting, and basic callisthenics are all foundational for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. They’re staples for a reason, they work! But let’s be real, working out (for the most part) isn’t exciting or stimulating, especially if you’ve cemented yourself into a routine of some sort, without switching it up. For those of you who think you’re less creative (or are looking for a challenge), read on for these 3 Top Unconventional World Class Training Methods!

So, there’s the 5 x 5 Stronglifts plan, and then there’s Tabata cardio conditioning. What if you were to combine the two? Utilized by combat sport athletes, this style of training strongly resembles CrossFit in the sense that exercises are done for time.

Here’s a sample Tabata circuit:

  • 5 Rounds. 5 Exercises
  • 20 seconds on. 10 Seconds rest
  • 1-arm Dumbbell Snatch (20 lb)
  • High knees
  • Burpees with a knee-tuck jump
  • Dumbbell Wood Chops
  • Russian Twists

This sample circuit works your posterior chain, anaerobic conditioning, explosiveness, and your all-important core, all of which are essential to athletic performance. Even if you’re not an athlete, Tabata 5 x 5’s will get you looking like one, fast!

Nature Training
Many seem so far removed, but yep, there’s this thing called nature complete with forests, trees, grass, shrubs, rocks, insects, and whatnot! When most people envision working out, their mind automatically shifts to an image of a gym filled with cast-iron weights, sweaty, oversized meatheads, and using machines to target specific body areas. Now, gyms are convenient but your body is designed to ‘function in nature’, at least to an extent, and you do have a physical body after all.
Instead of going to the gym, go to the forest. Find some heavy rocks and toss them around, (obviously not aiming at any living creature!) you’ll find your shoulders, core, hamstrings and back all get pretty sore soon enough, but boy! it sure is a great feeling to get elemental again.

Why not try hill sprints and pull-ups on a tree branch? Maybe you’d even try pushing a huge tree to work your entire body isometrically. The possibilities with nature are endless, as it’s intended to be. Check out this famous boxing trainer, Ross Enamait’s video on nature training below and utilize Mother Nature to experience absolute freedom in your training.

Mental Training
What’s even more important than training your body is strengthening your mind. As cliché as it sounds, it’s cliché for a reason: because it’s true. Where the mind goes, the body will follow. If your mind is weak, you won’t be willing to push yourself in order to make yourself stronger which means you’ll be vastly limiting your potential growth in and out of (your choice of) the ‘gym’. We can’t be having any of that, so here are a few methods utilized by athletes, monks, and everyday people to strengthen your mind.

  • Cold Shower/Snow Meditation (If you’re in sound health, be sensible to gradually habituate yourself to these practices if you want to try them, know what your limit is and stop there.
  • Meditation in-between lifting sets.
  • Sudoku/Puzzles
  • Chess
  • Reading something thought-stimulating every day

If you can do one, some, or all of these types of exercises mentioned above, your brain will undergo some neuroplastic rewiring and surely reward you with enhanced abilities. You’ll become more intelligent, mentally tougher and super persistent, just don’t go catching hypothermia! Hopefully, this article serves as a foundation stone that you can use to spice up your training. Have fun, and let us know which methods work best for you below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! (Check out our other fitness articles that’ll encourage you to get YOUR Fit ON!)

Bryan Richardson

Inspired by his early life adversities and the desire to help others, Bryan who currently serves in the US Forces aspires to become a Light Heavyweight boxing champion and start a gym that specialises in conscious human development. Bryan likes researching useful info and insights that can be applied to his and others' lives. When he's not feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he's found either in the boxing ring, on the dance floor, or busy downing some Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food"!

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