Health is Wealth: 5 Fantastic Financial Benefits of Keeping Fit!

There are lots of good reasons to keep physically fit. Being fit doesn’t just make you healthier and more attractive, it can also bring financial benefits. There are actually many financial benefits to staying physically fit, too, so read on for Health is Wealth: 5 Fantastic Financial Benefits of Keeping Fit!

1. Less Time off Work

It stands to reason that if you are in good health then you’re less likely to need to take time off work because of illness. One of the most significant ways in which being unhealthy can impact someone’s life is by limiting their ability to earn money. This then becomes a vicious cycle – the less money you have, the harder it is to maintain good health. While it usually costs less to eat healthily, there are a number of factors other than your diet to consider when determining your overall health and having less money can make any of these worse.

By making relatively small investments in your physical health, you can potentially save yourself a considerable amount of money in lost earnings down the line. As many people are now discovering, being forced to take even a relatively short break from work can be difficult for some people and have a serious impact on their finances. If this applies to you then it is even more important that you pay attention to your physical fitness.

2. Superior Work Performance

Being in good shape has a number of health benefits – your entire body and mind will function more efficiently if you are in good health. This means that you can function more effectively and maximize your productivity as well as earning potential. Even if you are healthy enough to attend work and keep working, being in poor physical shape will have an impact on your performance, even if you aren’t yet consciously aware of it.

If you want to achieve peak performance in your professional life, then making an effort to improve your physical fitness can help you get there. You don’t need to turn into a full-blown athlete, (you could if you wanted to, there is no upper ceiling anywhere!) but if you allow your health to slip too far south then you can be sure that it will reduce your effectiveness at work, regardless of what your role is. 

3. Lower Your Medical & Insurance Costs

People who make an effort to stay in good physical shape are far more likely to face favorable outcomes and a faster recovery when they are ill, enabling them to reduce their medical and insurance liability. Making even a modest investment (we recommend 30-45 mins per day) in your physical fitness now, could make a lot of difference if you do find yourself falling ill in the future. Of the many financial benefits of being fit, this is one that can make the most difference to most people’s lives. Don’t realise too late that health is wealth.

4. Spend Less on Transport

An excellent way of improving your physical fitness is to start walking, running, and cycling between destinations instead of driving or taking public transport. This won’t just help to improve your physical fitness, but it will also help to reduce one of the most common recurring expenses in life. Once you discover just how far you can comfortably travel without having to spend any money, you might just be inspired to make the change permanent. You’ll also be helping the environment massively too. Get on your bike!

5. Stop Spending on Useless Habits (Vices)

Another essential fitness tip – stop drinking and smoking! Giving up both of these vices can save you a lot of money, much more than many people realize. If you are able to cut these bad, toxically draining habits out of your life, your wallet will thank you, as will your internal organs, and your teeth and breath too!

These are just some of the financial benefits of keeping fit. Needless to say, there are plenty of other reasons that should cause you to make your physical health a top priority, either way, we hope this helps stir you to understand how health is wealth.

Do you think health is wealth, what’s the value you put on your health? Do you treat your body with the thoroughbred distinction it deserves or could you use a bit of motivation in this area to get you up to speed?

Believe it or not, your body alone is infinitely precious – if it were to be valued at the most basic level with all its chemicals and organs scientists estimate it to be worth about £27 billion ($33 billion) on the current market. This is only a fraction of its real value of course because you cannot possibly put a price on mind, memory, energy, intelligence, discipline, creativity or wisdom.

So, even in this time of the coronavirus, treat yourself the best you can, continue striving to manifest the best version of you and aim to be prosperous! Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Lauren Fletcher

Lauren is a health and fitness enthusiast with a particular interest in weightlifting. Having transformed her physique and mindset with fitness, she now aspires to help other women discover the benefits of weightlifting and help them along their fitness journey. She has previously followed vegan and vegetarian diets and believes there are many different dietary approaches to fitness that can be successful.

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