5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset During Lockdown

With many places still enforcing lockdown orders, and many more still to come once the second wave of coronavirus starts up in the fall, it’s all too likely that you’re suffering from a case of the lockdown blues. It can be pretty frustrating not being able to go to your favorite bars and restaurants, not being able to gather together with your friends, and being stuck inside for the majority of the day.

Having a positive mindset though can make all the difference. With the right attitude and the right precautions, you can make it through the coronavirus lockdown with a smile on your face. Let’s look at a few of the steps you and your family can start taking to make this lockdown as bearable (and maybe even fun?) as possible in 5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset During Lockdown!

1. Take a Stroll – or a Jog

Exercise clears the mind, soothes the soul, and strengthens the body. That’s why, if you don’t already, it’s a good idea to take up an exercise routine. Even a simple daily stroll can be a great way to exercise. Walking has many health benefits, including improving your heart health, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening your leg muscles.

Running has many of the same health benefits but ramped up to the max. Not sure where to start? The answer is to start simple. Don’t just throw yourself into an insane 10-mile run if you’ve never really run before. Instead, start slow. Pick up a new pair of men’s or women’s running shoes, and take a slow and simple jog – maybe a mile at most. Then, slowly build up from there. You’ll be tackling 10k’s faster than you think!

2. Find Fun New Hobbies!

Hobbies are another essential way to scaffold your mindset constructively to get through the difficult quarantine and isolation. Finding the right hobby may take some time, as not everything is for everyone – trust us, we still don’t get the hype around doing jigsaw puzzles all day.

Here are a few great hobbies that can be picked up during your time in lockdown:

  • Start leaning a new musical instrument, like the ocarina, harmonica, or snare drum.
  • Get really into cooking, and experiment with vibrant and delicious cuisines like Irish, Chechnian, or Ukrainian food.
  • Start building birdhouses for the birds outside your window. Be sure to pick up bird seed next time you’re at the hardware store!

Hobbies not only take your mind off things, they also give you a fun reason to live. So, get out there and hobby away!

3. Pick Up that Old Book Again

Ugh reading – no thanks! Well reading can actually be really enjoyable if gone about the right way. All it takes is finding the right book. You’ve picked up that anthology of Judith Butler essays time and time again and just haven’t been able to get into it, or maybe the dry prose in Georg Ernst Stahl’s monograph on phlogiston is simply more than you can bear.

Maintain a Positive Mindset in the Lockdown! -Keep Fit Kingdom

Maintain a Positive Mindset in the Lockdown! -Keep Fit Kingdom

Well, instead of giving up on reading altogether, why not try something fun and simple? There are plenty of young adult novels, for instance, that are engaging, exciting, and accessible for readers of all ages and skill levels. Also non-fiction ‘how to’ guides are a great way to expand your mind and learn something new. Don’t let your past stumbling experiences with reading keep you from taking advantage of all the benefits it can offer you!

4. Start a Passion Project

Okay, let me stop you there. Passion projects are different from hobbies. Yes, they’re similar, but they’ve got some crucial mindset differences. A hobby is kind of more repetitive, like building multiple birdhouses, whereas a passion project has an end goal and a mission. Maybe you could say your mission is increasing affordable housing for birds, but that’s stretching it a bit.

Passion projects include: starting that podcast you’ve been thinking about, finally learning to code, or even making and distributing the anarchist zine you’re always telling your friends about. Whatever it is, lockdown is the perfect time to do it!

5. Reconnect with Old Friends

Lastly, lockdown is a great time to give your old friends a call. They’re probably sitting around, bored and lonely at home, just like you. Reaching out to see how they are doing will fill them with joy and let them know they’re in your thoughts and appreciated. So, what have you got to lose? Send that cheeky instant message, post the tweet, give them a call. Reconnecting with old friends is another great thing you can do in the lockdown.

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson is an experienced freelance writer who specializes in food and nutrition. Working in fitness marketing previously gave her a good feel for the industry and since going freelance she has been able to explore her preferred topic areas such as diet types, nutrition and food. Outside of work, Jen enjoys traveling, swimming and spending time with her young family.

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